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Parliaments surrounded in BOTH Barcelona and Athens


More than 2,000 protesters in Barcelona have tried to blockade the Catalan parliament [#172] in a display of anger [oh, always with the emotions!] at regional budget cuts.

The Catalan prime minister, Artur Mas, was among several officials who arrived by police helicopter because protesters were blocking park gates nearby.

The protest took place at the same time as a similar one in Athens, in which activists tried to encircle the Greek parliament in a futile attempt to stop MPs debating new austerity measures. ....

Greek protesters known as "the indignants" have taken their lead from the protests that have swept through Spain in recent weeks, bearing the Spanish civil war protest banner [#8] "No pasaran" (they shall not pass), alongside Greek and Spanish flags. As in Spain, many young Greek protesters accuse the political establishment of corruption and dodging austerity themselves.

I don't know if the protests happened at the same time by coincidence, or plan. It would seem that simultaneous, and widely dispersed protests would stretch the capacities of the authorities to respond in any other way than peacably....

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The people in Greece and Spain who are putting their bodies on the line are showing us that it is possible to cause the banksters and the whole criminal financial industry some real pain. Hopefully it only gets better (worse, for the criminal elites) from here.