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Pass the asteroids, er, popcorn

Live Science:

Hackers angry over the suicide of Internet activist Aaron Swartz took over the website of the United States Sentencing Commission (USSC) twice over the weekend, finally infecting the homepage with a playable version of the classic arcade game "Asteroids."


Look, everybody knows there's a two-tier system of justice: If you're a bankster, you pay a fine. If you don't, you go to jail (unless Justice decides to play cat and mouse with you, or confiscate your property, or whatever). And heaven help you if you're arrested for _____ing while black. "Justice" is no different under Obama than it was under Bush, and if you take the corrupt non-prosecution of banksters and the destruction of due process by normalizing the kill list seriously, worse, much worse. So pass the popcorn, say I.

NOTE It's excellent that the game is playable. Because Obama's playing us, too, or many of us.

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Look, everybody knows there's a two-tier system of justice

I was just having that thought this morning. There is a man on trial in federal court here in my city. He started some charites then stole less than $200,000 from them.

Now, I am not defending it, but at the same time, $200,000 FUCKING DOLLARS!!! We have time to prosecute bed ridden sick old men for fucking chump change, but we can't go after the banksters who held our financial system hostage.