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PayPal refuses to transfer monies to WikiLeaks --

They can do it to anyone they deem to have anything to do with illegal activities. So recall that our government declared some activites illegal ex post facto. Very ex, as with donoations to Palestinians. What's to stop them from going after anyone who is protesting? Working for change?


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is having is exposing, very graphically, the naked oppression being exerted by Versailles upon us. Generally, the great majority of American citizens are/were unaware of the sheer lawlessness and unconstitutional invasions and prosecutions being committed on our, and foreign soil, and the ability of our government, and the corporations that run it, to effectively derail, erase, or "disappear" any opposition. As more and more attacks are performed on Wikileaks, and their sources are given media exposure, (the State Dept, DOD, Amazon, Paypal, Universities, etc) the more people are becoming aware of the vast, intertwined tentacles of the authoritarian state we have become prey to. For that, if nothing else, I am profoundly grateful, and I'm also in awe of the courage of all those who make Wikileaks possible.

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against Assange is also interesting. In the way of so much coverage, the basis for the charge is not explained on most of our media. Based on reports on the web, the charge of rape is based on either a condom breaking or slipping off or a refusal by Assange to wear a condom.

In both cases, the sex was consensual. In the second woman's case, it appears she expected some kind of ongoing relationship, which Assange did not provide.

But the use of the word "rape," despite its fairly specialized definition under Swedish law, is quite enough to create a very negative impression of Assange. I gather, but have no statistics, that issuing an Interpol warrant for this charge is somewhat unusual.

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pushing for that?), the reporting coming out of Sweden suggests that the initial allegations and individuals involved are highly suspect, thus the reason for dropping the charges in the first place...but then suddenly, they came alive again, with more gusto...

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The champion of transparency in state affairs says what happened between him and two women in Sweden is a private matter, and he won't return to face his accusers. But sex crimes are crimes against the state. Assange may be innocent, but he has a responsibility to answer to prosecutors.
n cases of acquaintance rape in which victims initially consent, women may not consider what happened rape, at least at first, because culture has taught them that once they say yes, they’re fair game. They may blame themselves for what happened. Some will want to see the man again because they want to convince themselves that what happened was some sort of accident, and that the man really does care for them.

Whatever the motives of the women who reported him, if the first woman made clear to him that she did not want unprotected sex, and Assange continued, knowing the condom was broken, then he might very well be prosecuted under Swedish laws. If the second woman told him that she didn’t want unprotected sex, but he had unprotected sex with her against her will or while she was sleeping, that seems to meet the definition of rape in Sweden, which requires informed consent.

I don't expect the state to win these cases, however, because it will be his word against theirs, and the media already has trashed them. In 2008, Amnesty International criticized Sweden for "an abysmally low conviction rate for rape cases."

It would take a lot of courage for any other woman to step forward now, considering how the Swedish women have been dragged through the mud. But it is possible that he has abused other women. His estranged son has written: “That man does have a way of making a lot of female enemies."

It would be great if someone leaked emails and other communication that documented Assange's attitudes toward women.

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He didn't rape them, he only tried to impregnate them against their will?

Please tell me I'm misreading this, because it sounds as if we are playing the, "It's not as bad as the media is making it out to be" and victim shaming game(with comments that theres something fishy about the initial complaint, and that it's unseemly and a clear indicator of untruthfulness that the women involved declined to continue seeking prosecution, when it's clear everyone was against them) that gets played when celebrities are accused of rape, like when it's Kobe Bryant or Ben Roethlisberger.

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the Postal Box in Ozzieland used for contributions will be shut down by that gov in 10 days. And the DDOS attacks continue apace. I gotta say, any group that is threatened by (and therefore threatens) soo many governments has to be doing something right.