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Permanently high DISemployment screws The Big O's youthful base the worst

7772So-Where-s-My-Fucking-Pony-PostWhy am I not surprised that the people who trusted Obama the most are those who are screwed the worst? ND 2.0 runs the numbers on the DISemployment demo:

What jumps out for me? College educated 20-24 year olds have the highest percentage increase in unemployment. This should go against a structural unemployment story, as college educated people have the ‘freshest’ skills and incredibly high mobility. It’s worth pointing them out in particular because if their careers hit a rough spot, hysteresis sets in and they’ll have serious wage losses years down the road (see this classic White House blog post on the subject by Peter Orszag). Their situation is also important because the crisis is often seen as a small deal for college educated workers.

And career "progressives" wonder why it's hard to recapture the warm fuzzy ponies of 2008....

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