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Petidote of the Day 2012-02-10

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Thanks to Coyote Creek, we have a wonderful image for today's Petidote.

This is Timber (kitty of Mr. and Mrs. Coyote Creek).

In 2005, after losing our wonderful chocolate lab and going through some horrendous medical issues, I saw Timber's picture in the local paper...offered for adoption from the local animal shelter. Timing wasn't right, but 6 months later, when the world had started to improve, there she was again. I was sure she was intended to be ours and, indeed, we've now had her for 6 years.

Timber was 4 years old when we adopted her. She had apparently been "on the streets" for a couple of those years and in the shelter for 2 years (older cats are sometimes the last to be adopted). I must admit that she was very standoffish for the first 6 months but with lots of love she has completely turned around. She loves to be petted. Sleeps on her own pillow on our bed. Has a special couch blanket (seen in one of the pictures that is attached). And butts my head so often it's a wonder I don't have constant headaches.

Timber also loves water from the faucet and here she is, peering intently at me from a perch on a counter stool telling me to "Turn on that faucet". I did, of course.

Of course! Who could resist this face?


Thanks, CC and Mr CC -- and Timber!!

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Submitted by tom allen on

The head-butting thing is some sort of a cat bonding thing, I think. I lived with an adopted cat for a while; he did that too. So I did it back. We got along pretty well. :-)

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Submitted by jjmtacoma on

Very cool picture.

I bought a cat water fountain for one of my kitties who wanted fresh tap water all the time. I was afraid she wouldn't get enough water. Anyway, the fountain wasn't TOO spendy <$30. Apple kitty uses it now but she refused for the first week or so, on principle I'm sure.

coyotecreek's picture
Submitted by coyotecreek on

(who keeps saying Timber doesn't like him...) started putting ice cubes in Timmy's water dishes. Now she won't drink water without it. Yes, she rules the house!

(I'm going to look into one of those fountain dishes...)

tom allen's picture
Submitted by tom allen on

Yep, ice cubes. Also standing, rotating fans (in the summertime.) And of course cats rule the house. Who else? :-)

Submitted by lambert on

Just see this thread.

What next? The cat rejects the ice cubes if they're square? Cat to human: "Oh, I'm not good enough for spherical ice cubes?"

coyotecreek's picture
Submitted by coyotecreek on

It's time you got yourself a kitty!

Submitted by lambert on

... but my place is way too small. So, cat hair, and also, the box...

Submitted by hipparchia on

... but my place is way too small.

unlikely. i lived for years and years in a 14'x20' garage apartment with 2 large cats and a medium-sized dog.


funny pictures - Wut? It's not lyke I'm gonna get CAT HAIR in your food or sumthing.

cellocat's picture
Submitted by cellocat on

Thanks for the smile. Yes, cats are apt to run a household. Mine certainly do. I got them both from shelters, one as a kitten and the other as an adult. The second one was quite wary for a few months (and fled the sound of the cello for a while, cowering in the bathtub). Now, he is one of the most affectionate cats I've ever known. The investment of time, energy, and love is so worth it. Mine are both 17 this year, and I shudder to think about how hard it will be to lose either of them. But I'm so grateful for their presence in my life all these years.

coyotecreek's picture
Submitted by coyotecreek on

The investment of time, energy, and love is so worth it.

(Hi, cello!)