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Philadelphia City Commission Welcomes Green Party

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Well this is odd.

This is the first I've heard of Democrats allowing Greens to darken their doorstep, much less invite them. This was probably a superflous dog and pony show on the part of the Donkeys, but still. WTF? Has anyone told Markos?

Are they really seeing the light, or are they scared shitless that "Independent" is now the most popular political affiliation in the U.S.?

Philadelphia City Commission Welcomes Green Party

On February 3, representatives of the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP, City Committee were invited to meet with Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt. The meeting was very productive, and the Greens were impressed by the new openness they found in the City Commission.

Al Schmidt welcomed the Greens by saying, "I don't think of the Republican Party in Philadelphia as the minority party, but as a minority party. We want the door to be open to all minor political parties."