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Plantidote of the Day 2010-10-22

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Correntian Valley Girl spotted this plant while traveling in the Northeast one summer.

It was growing in a garden box outside Bucks Harbor Market, in Brooksville, Maine. So, it's probably a fairly common plant/ garden flower, but I don't know what it is.

Me neither! But someone probably does, so please tell us in the comments and win your very own hat tip!

Readers, please send me ( images and stories for the ongoing Plantidote of the Day series. In exchange, you'll win undying fame in the form of a hat tip! Plants growing in your garden, your house, or neighbor's yard, plants from the forest or farmers' market, plants you preserved, plants you prepared (wine; cider; tea; dried beans), plants you harvested (grains; chanterelles), plants you picked (flowers), plants you dried (herbs), plants you covet or hope to grow someday. Herbal remedies, propagation tips, new varieties, etc.. And if you can, include some solid detail about the plant, too -- a story, the genus and species, or where you got the seeds, or the recipe, or your grandmother gave it to you. Or challenge us with a “Name That Plant” mystery entry ... And please feel free to add corrections and additional information in the comments.

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Submitted by lambert on

Awesome colors! And no, I don't know. The color and texture look like pansies, but not the shape.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

mine were Teh Suck this year, sob. but most of the time, yes, they are fucking outstanding and easy to grow. they come in a nice range of colors including the very lightest blue of blues, pink, purple, true blue, and a sort of purply red. buy the more expensive and high grade seeds; that's the lesson i learned this year. the ones i got from the big box store didn't hardly bloom at all, while the morning glories i grew this year were all spectacularly successful.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on


bugs loved it, obviously.


and my apologies; i can't find the fucking driver disc for my camera so i'm busted when it comes to new plant shots for a while.