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Plantidote of the Day 2012-11-01

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elephant ear

Philodendron giganteum

Elephant ear philodendron

Welcome to the jungle! This philodendron is part of the original owner's landscaping, so it's at least 20 years old. The leaves are enormous, probably two feet across and three feet long, with the whole plant about 10 feet high. It needs very little care, just some water now and then. The perfect plant for people with no time for plants -- as long as you live in a frost-free area or have a very large room to house it.

There are quite a few smaller philodendrons that are good as houseplants, but there doesn't seem to be a philodendron society devoted to them, so you're on your own. There are also plants that are very similar to these, including Monstera deliciosa, which produces edible fruit that sounds delicious. Please read all the instructions for eating, though, because if the fruit is not completely ripe, it can be lethal.


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came in this size!

None that I've had ever produced fruit, either. Eating the Monstera Deliciosa sounds a little bit dicey, like eating Fugu or Blow Fish, which I believe can be lethal if not prepared correctly. (Personally, I'm not adventurous enough to try it, but it is a very interesting article.)