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Plantidote of the Day 2012-11-12

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pink oleander

Nerium oleander


If this looks familiar, good news -- you aren't losing your mind. You have seen this one before. Sorry about that. I'm in deep deadline doo-doo and will return with more originals soon.



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Submitted by Alexa on

day (weatherwise). Do you realize that your pictures of flowers, plants and shrubs are addicting?

Seriously, they do pick me up "mentally." [Need that today. Just discovered a tree limb hit a neighbors' fence, during a rain and windstorm. Ugh!]

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Submitted by insanelysane on

My over 40 years living in CA and seeing oleanders lining the freeways for hundreds of miles has inured me to Oleander and I seldom notice them, until my family visits from the cold climes of PA and remark on the "fabulous blooming shrubs" all along the highways and marvel at them.

I have visited friends in PA that grow Oleanders in pots and the pots are brought inside the garage or house to wait out the winter.
I have taken a new look at these shrubs. They are blooming machines and oh so tolerant of hot and dry.
Nice to see the photo .

I also wonder why there aren't more varieties. No variegated ones or new colors. I did see some doubles available. I'd buy a purple one!

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Submitted by twig on

It's like jade plants. My family (Michigan) thinks that jade plants are so exotic, they might as well be from the moon! And they do the same thing -- bring them in before a frost, baby them all winter, it's hilarious to someone who lives in a frost-free zone where they grow like weeds.

Why aren't there more oleander colors -- good question! Look at all the bougainvillea colors, there's like dozens of them. But I don't see much happening with oleanders. Purple would be spectacular! This is the closest I could find, and it's not really a true purple, sort of mauve. Oh well, we may have to hybridize this one ourselves ;-)