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Plantidote of the Day 2012-11-20

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Ajania pacifica (formerly Chrysanthemum pacificum)

Gold and silver chrysanthemum

Look closely (click on the image to enlarge it) and you'll see that the leaves are all edged in a silvery white that makes them look hand-painted. The tiny flowers (only about an inch in diameter) bloom in the late fall/early winter, just when a garden needs a little color.

Like most chrysanthemums, this plant thrives in the sun with moderate amounts of water. Pinching it back in spring helps keep it compact. Otherwise, it can grow large enough to fill a good sized space.

Most of the plant guides recommend it for Zones 5 through 9, but the one above is growing in Zone 10, where it's doing just fine, so it may be more adaptable than the experts realize.


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I love the leaf outlining and the tiny little mum blossoms.

Thanks Twig!