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Plantidote of the Day 2013-01-15

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Verbesina microptera

Mexican winged crown beard (with bee!)

Is that a great name or what? I'd love to know the story on that one, but there's actually very little information about these plants available. One site offers a few details, like this:

Each 10' tall giant is composed of amazing, thick, green, heavily-winged stems that are clothed with 15" long, mitten-like leaves...reason enough to grow this gem. In late October, unless you've had an early frost, these massive clumps are topped with 1' wide clusters of small, bright yellow daisies that are deliciously fragrant.

Also, here's an image of the plant when it's not blooming that gives you a better idea of how tall it is. Not your average freeway daisy, although it sort of looks like those. Also too, here's a close-up of the flower from flickr. These plants are related to tree daisies, which we covered about a month or so ago (sorry, I can't find the story to link to), so they're drought tolerant and fairly tough, good, low-maintenance perennials for Zones 7 through 10.

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