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Polemic question: Does anarchy reduce to group dynamics?

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Polemic question: Does anarchy reduce to group dynamics?
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For example, biology does not reduce to chemistry, nor chemistry to physics. Each layer is analytically independent.

But -- and I speak from ignorance here, not having mastered the literature -- if one takes "autonomy" as seriously as RD seems to... Doesn't all the superstructure of consensus decision making and local decision making and so forth simply melt away?

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Of course there are many different schools within Anarchism

But I thought I'd post a response comment sent out Friday (on the Occupy National Strategy listserv) by Yenafuck, an anarchist and VA in the OWS DA Working Group.

This is just such an elementary understanding of the anarchic nature of occupy's functioning. It disregards autonomy entirely. You don't need"the movement" to do something. When you do something that is movement. Movements are more time than group. If this is a time of a peoples liberation movement then things that happen now in that vein are pieces of that movement. If what you are doing appeals to folks you will get their buy in and if not you will be doing it on your own. Those are both ok, so long as you're not speaking for people other than those present to consent to what's being said on their behalf.

The reason consensus would be a burden is if you're trying to force others into something they don't want. Nothing about other's non interest keeps you from doing something with those who choose to participate.

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Comments like that strike me as willfully ignorant

You have to be trying to miss the larger picture to write that. That's why I tend to either go for brief, dismissive snark when I see it, or just ignore it entirely. I try to do the latter though.

RD said the same thing

And he's wrong on the merits, at least based on the posted material.

What's the value add of process is this is right?

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