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Politics of Crony-Cowardism Landslides Politics of Courage!

“All compromise is based on give and take, but there can be no give and take on fundamentals. Any compromise on mere fundamentals is a surrender. For it is all give and no take.” Gandhi

The majority of American voters compromised on fundamentals on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. They returned Obama to the seat of presidential power.

The Obama machine even managed to get Daniel Ellsberg and Bruce Springsteen to crony up for Obama.

Obama the war criminal. Obama the white collar corporate criminal.

Obama deserved impeachment long before this 2012 election. But we are living in what David Brooks labeled Post-Morality America.

A majority of the electorate, “Good German” Americans, let the blood on Obama’s hands spread onto their own with this election of 2012.

Even in non-swing states, most so-called progressives wouldn’t give up their votes to third party candidates to enhance their democracy-repairing voices or enable them eligibility for federal funding for the next election.

Of course not!

Re-mythologizing of Obama, of course, happened pre-election.

With ostrich-like others the myth never tarnished despite the economic and military horrors of the last four years under a corrupt and incompetent Obama regime.

Still others held their noses and voted for Obama.

Well, we are saved from Romney and the even more horrifying Ryan. The Great American Ethical Freakshow Corporate Overlord Squeeze Play really worked well. The faux-good cop Obama seduced not the perpetrators into giving it all up, but the VICTIMS. The U.S. citizens.

What are we promised from Obama? Nada. Well, yes, more betrayals. His assembly line of betrayals will simply continue. Worsen, as they have been.

I call this a Pyrrhic victory for those self-congratulating “pragmatic” progressives.

We’ve come a long way from MLK’s “I Have a Dream” sensibility of empathy to Obama’s “I Have a Drone” dictatorial one.

This is what Patrick Martin of wsws had to say about the results of the 2012 election:

The Democrats will, as always, interpret their own victory in the most restrained and conservative terms. The last thing they want is a mandate to oppose the plutocracy, since they serve the same corporate interests. They will extend the olive branch to the Republicans, allowing the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to set the agenda in Washington, as it has for the past two years.

According to Billy Wharton of Dissident Voice on the health care front “four more years of Obama will mean that the terms of Obamacare legislation will be frozen into place.” Forget single-payer universal health care. Obama trashed that good and early.

Wharton, incidentally, discloses that Kaiser Permanent, major health care company, donated $500,000 to Obama’s campaign and not a single dollar to Romney. Yeah, Big Pharma and Big Insurance are Obama’s BFFs after their colossal windfalls with Obama’s first term.

I guess we have to wait until millions die under shoddy Obamacare before there will be the next wave of reform for universal health care as a right of Americans. But even then, will citizens simply “play dead” once again, those who won’t have actually died? I’m thinking the longer “learned helplessness” goes on, the stronger (as in, weaker) it gets.

Obama soon will be slashing Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security. These used to be sacred and protected by our representatives of BOTH parties. It took a popular, unscrupulous Democratic Trojan Horse to take the ax to them. All in the name of “austerity” which is a cover for the same corporate elite criminality that robbed the citizenry of $10 plus trillion tax dollars already.

They are back at the public trough for more. They want it all.

Obama is just the guy to give it to them. After all, he wouldn’t be re-elected in corporate-captured America if he weren’t, I suppose. It doesn't matter that much any more if we have machines or paper ballots. The system is rigged from the get-go in our banana republic sham election.

So much for the plight of the poor, the unemployed, the homeless, troops, prisoners, immigrants, union workers, teachers, students, etc., etc., etc.

As for human rights violations, national and international? Obama will continue to persecute whistleblowers. Will continue to criminalize dissent. Obama will drone on. Obama will wage more wars. Obama will destroy more countries. The military industrial security prison complex will mow down everyone and anything they deem a “threat”. And the criteria will expand to include more and more innocent foreign peoples and innocent American citizens.

Obama is no friend to the planet either. The BP fiasco of course went down the American memory hole.

Obama did say something that sounded like concern about the impact of superstorm Sandy, right?

I forgot. That is all we need.

Rhetoric over reality. The fog of “truthiness”.

Ruthlessness with an amiable smile for another four years.

Here is a statement posted on Jill Stein’s website. Supporting Green Party’s Stein and her program would have been exercising the politics of courage. But the American crony-cowardism majority went another way for the next four years. Damn them and damn all of us doomed by their surrender.

If it has accomplished nothing else up to now, the 2012 election campaign has proven that America’s two establishment parties are hopelessly paralyzed when it comes to addressing these life-and-death realities the American people face today. Instead, Democrats and Republicans cover their moral and political bankruptcy by refusing to even admit that there is a problem. Not a single time have either of the establishment candidates even mentioned the word “poverty” or “homelessness” in any of their campaign appearances.

Desperate times require desperate measures. The hour has come to break with the dying two-party system and begin building the new political parties that over half of Americans now say are needed. The Green Party presidential campaign of Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala is the best opportunity we have today to make that move.

Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala are running on a platform called the Green New Deal, which is a comprehensive program to address America’s economic, environmental, financial, and political crises (see The Green New Deal calls for an Economic Bill of Rights similar to those proposed by Roosevelt and Martin Luther King, Jr.

It calls for the immediate creation of 25 million new jobs, mainly in projects to meet human needs – housing, health care, education, and transportation – and to protect and restore our environment. It calls for an immediate halt to evictions and foreclosures, and a federal bank to restructure the housing market and make it affordable for everyone. The Green New Deal will also rebuild our entire economy around green technologies and sustainable practices; thoroughly reform the financial sector, abolish student debt, end bailouts, and reorganize failed banks as public financial institutions; and restore our democracy and the full democratic rights of our people.

It is time to end the destruction, the austerity, and the needless suffering. A moral government would honor the sacredness of human life by ensuring jobs, housing, health care, and education for every family. Martin Luther King once said America has the resources and the technology to end poverty; the only question is whether we have the will. It is up to us to start creating that will by taking decisive action right now.

People, peace, planet? Not priorities for those lost to the politics of fear. The politics of crony-cowardism.

Why would anyone vote for an advocate for their own needs and rights?

Not in Post-Morality Great American Ethical Freakshow America!

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