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President Fuck You on DISemployment: I'm gonna keep chokin' that chicken

Transcript blah blah blah:

[OBAMA:] Also to put our [whose?] economy on a stronger and sounder footing for the [some indefinite time in the] future, we’ve got to rein in our [whose?] deficits and get the government to live within its means [government is like a household], while still making the investments that help put people to work right now [so why not a Jobs Guarantee?] and make us more competitive [union-frei] in the future [at some indefinite time]. As I mentioned, we’ve had some good meetings [trying to figure out how to kill old people without anybody noticing]. We had a good meeting here yesterday with leaders of both parties in Congress. And while real differences remain, we agreed to work through the weekend and meet back here on Sunday.

The sooner we get this [which would be?] done, the sooner that the markets [the banksters, my owners] know [enter the Confidence Fairy] that the debt limit ceiling will have been raised [and the banksters now run the country officially] and that we have a serious [that is, old people-killing] plan to deal with our debt and deficit, the sooner that we give our [whose?] businesses the certainty that they will need in order to make additional investments to grow and hire [beyond the trillion in cash they're already sitting on] and will provide more confidence [I'm gonna get a Pony!!!!!!!!!!!] to the rest of the world as well, so that they are committed to investing in America [so the idea is to attract foreign investment?!].

So it's come to this. "We had a good meeting." A more compelling case for the utter and complete moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the Versailles elite would be hard to find.

NOTE "But he speaks in complete sentences!"

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