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President Fuck You throws his own base in the heartland under the bus on Keystone XL

Forgive the crudity of this first essay in political GIS. I used GIMP to combine a map of the states that Obama won in the 2008 primaries (purple and gold), with a map of the Oglala Aquifier, (shades of blue) and State's map of the Keystone XL pipeline (red and green line). It's all really crude, and probably hundreds of miles off. But it's accurate enough to show the big picture:

1. As we remember, and the map reminds us, Obama didn't win the big states in 2009 (on the map, purple is Obama, and gold, Hillary).

2. Clearly, Keystone XL is a dagger driven right through Obama's 2008 purple support in the Great Plains. Anybody local who's been around one of these extractive economy things -- mountaintop removal, fracking, landfills -- knows: That thing is going to leak, and is going to destroy land and poison animals, and catch on fire, and all the rest of it, and the flacks and the shills are going to lie about it, and corrupt local politicians, and lie about that. One the Keystone XL gets a foothold, the mess is going to go on until the tar sands dry up* unless it's stopped.

In this connection, the class representation of the protesters in DC is important to notice: These are not hippies, but members in some sort of standing in the political establishments of their counties and states. And, if Ds, they probably believed in Obama's hopey change con and maybe even the bipartisan schtick; McKibben did. They are, in other words, Obama's margin. In the same way, then, that the pipeline is a dagger through the land, I'm betting that the pipeline is also a dagger through local D political operations. Assuming Obama goes ahead with it, which I'm betting he will. After all, Obama needs the money, and the pipeline backers are savvy businessmen. For those of us who think the Ds should go the way of the Whigs, and the sooner the better, that's good news. **

3. Also, too, the groundwater. Another message of the maps is that jurisdictional fragmentation means that "Oglala Aquifer users" have no coherent way to be represented. If I wanted to set up a parallel political system, perhaps using IVCS, that might be one direction to look....

4. Note finally that when our feral elite is doing something it really cares about, like converting the United States into a second-world extractive economy supplying carbon to the rest of the world while collecting its rents, it can move with great agility. When they smell rent, our elite drops the stupid part of stupid and/or evil.

NOTE * Or the Chinese ante up or we invade Canada.

NOTE ** Hilariously, one of the prime beneficiaries of Keystone XL is the TX politlcal establishment, run by R Rick Perry. After Obama's Ds give the Rs a reach-around like Keystone XL, can anybody still think that the two legacy parties are opposed in any fundamental way?

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What do you think of Richard Trumka's AFL-CIO PAC that won't give automatic support for Democrats in 2012?

Trumka says the AFL-CIO would rather build its own structures "that work for working people" instead.

After decades of being fucked over, I was wondering when labor would finally pull the plug.