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President Obama to make a statement to the nation at 10:30 EST

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Submitted by lambert on

... on an undisclosed topic (via a Pravda "Breaking" email).

[Making my quick hit a comment; thanks for getting to this, chezmadame]

Color bars!! Obnoxious tone!

Editor's Note: You may receive an error message or color bars and a tone in between live feeds. Due to the nature of live events, you may need to reload this page, press the play button to start the video feed or wait a few moments until the video begins.

It's kinda fun to listen and/or watch the techs, though. Seeing as how they're the only genuine thing about the event whatever.

Best guess: "The bombing starts in five minutes...."

Drinking game: Hoist one at every "Let me be clear."

Submitted by WRhouse on

and that we will probably drag the body through the streets to proclaim our victory. I don't give a crap about his death, sorry, I just want to know why their doing this now.

( sorry for the misspelling - it's late - I'm tired - and CBS is talking about how this is a hugh win for US and the Intelligence(?) community oh and it robs his followers of a shrine .)

Submitted by lambert on

I would have expected this to be deployed much later in the year; the internal polling numbers must be terrible.

* * *

McClatchy says "found in Pakistan." Maybe this announcement is so delayed because nobody can get ISI on the phone?

* * *

Congressional and administration officials tell CNN Osama bin Laden is dead. He was reportedly killed in Afghanistan.

Submitted by WRhouse on

can't you just celebrate the greatness of this day (actual comment from some head on CBS).

Blah blah argyl bargyl

I"m going to watch my Korean language historical drama, it's got sub-titles and I like to read.

Hey just a thought - Maybe they wanted something for May day.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

there was a time when I would have felt some sort of vindication by the death of bin Laden. Now I don't care.

11:05 and still waiting for the Pres.

Submitted by lambert on

... 'tll you call off the drone strikes." But Obama really loves his drone strikes. OBL's a one-time bump, but drones are the gift that keeps on giving.

Either that, or he's trying to figure out if he's being played, and no one can guarantee it.

Submitted by lambert on

Hundreds of people chanting "U.S.A.", "U.S.A"...

Of course, in terms of what happened to our own institutions, OBL won. The "war on terror" destroyed what was left of Constitutional government. If death is was OBL's calculus, it was worth it...

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Submitted by madamab on

CBS has been very clear about that. But still a really great victory in the "war on feelings."

Also, the drones supposedly found him. So, great justification for drones too.

Total, complete PR stunt.

Submitted by lambert on

He's working out the price for product placement with Lockheed, and they had to pull the CEO off the back nine to approve the numbers.

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Submitted by DCblogger on


On March 16, 1998, Libya issued the first official Interpol arrest warrant against Bin Laden and three other people for killing two German citizens in Libya on March 10, 1994, one of which is thought to have been a German counter-intelligence officer.

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Submitted by jumpjet on

Death being too good for him, and all that. I would have been much more satisfied to ship him off to the Hague for a trial.

At any rate, I don't think this is just propaganda. If it were, Bush would have pulled it out, or Obama would have pulled it out before the midterms. I reckon they actually got him.

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Submitted by madamab on

Obama just replaced the head of the CIA, for Gawd's sake. Panetta pulled off the coup of the century and he gets put into Defense?!

This is utter nonsense. Yes, I'm glad OBL is dead, but the narrative is crazy.

Submitted by lambert on

Here (hat tip hipp).

Too bad Obama couldn't have used it for a centerpiece at the White House Correspondent's dinner...

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Submitted by Valhalla on

had the corpse. As you asked, why now? I think it's too early for them to worry over poor internal polling numbers specifically-- at least if you meant Obama's own numbers. (after all, his corporate robot overlords are funding 2012 anyway, what's a few low numbers among the voters to worry about?). My one RL OFB connection was THRILLED when we started bombing Libya, because it showed "that Obama really is doing something and not just dithering around." So perhaps more likely the numbers in support of the wars are sagging, and OBL is to shore them up. Fits with the product placement.

I can't bring myself to watch any coverage, are they going to show OBL's body? Do we get to see if he looks all waxy and embalm-y, dojathink?

Submitted by admin_hipparchia on

interesting [to me] factlet:

i had both the al jazeera live feed and the live feed open in two separate windows, waiting for the president to speak. guess which live feed started a few seconds sooner [hint: niot the site].

Submitted by lambert on

... I would have thought "great news!" But now all I can think is how the news will be used as a weapon for another assault on the rest of us. I know the people with relatives who were killed in the Twin Towers probably won't think that way, nor will the people in Manhattan....

So, the camera cuts away to cheering youth. I guess if I thought of political economy as game, I'd be cheering, too. It would be nice to be innocent again.

UPDATE When you think of all humans as equally precious, your perspective changes. Every imperial triumph appears hollow. Is hollow. Not a popular view, no doubt, with those who need to cheer.

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Submitted by Eureka Springs on

Wolf Blitzer can't stop saying it. Of course Wolf is the perfect example of anti intelligence. Nothing like torturing, bombing, occupying and droning for 9 years....for trillions of dollars, lost liberties ta boot and having the audacity to call this an intel success.

Much more like bloody whack a mole, not intelligence success.

Submitted by lambert on

Submitted by jawbone on

now? (Yes, it was snark.)

I asked if now DC will work on JOBS. Fat chance.

I'm sorry someone, purportedly a Navy Seal, put a bullet in Osama's head. I wanted a trial.

Clearly, the Commander in Chief did not, and not any questions about a trial are, well, moot, as in legally no longer significant.

A survivor of someone kill on 9/11 was on NYC late news talking about being thrilled that OBL is dead.

I feel basically nothing. It will not end any of our wars; indeed, Americans are being warned to be extra careful overseas since there may be angry reactions and retaliations.

So, on it goes. War on Terra Forevah.

Submitted by jawbone on

supposedly US knew since August where OBL was -- and the attack Really?

So, why now? That's a pretty interesting question. To take world attention off killing 3 little kids and a young man not involved in Libyan politics? We won't be told....

Ah, well., g'nite all. Sleep well. The world will not be much changed when we awake.

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Submitted by editor_u on

They had to save him up for a really big distraction. You might be right about the Libyan atrocity, although deaths of innocents don't seem to have bothered them before.

Submitted by lambert on

Submitted by Randall Kohn on

(Not that I actually doubt it for a second.)

And just how tightly must David Kennedy's lips be glued to Obama's ass to twit such an orgasmically worshitful tweet? (I'm thinking Super Glue myself.)

I'm off to buy a 55-gallon drum of brain bleach now.

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Submitted by votermom on

So annoyed! Really I am.
I like my trashy reality show, fer gawd;s sake! Then it gets interrupted for stupid news anchor saying The President is about to announce that Bin Laden is dead, over & over ... they could have just kept that as a line on the bottom of the screen, imo.
I would pay money to see Nene vs BO no holds barred, btw.

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Submitted by votermom on

So Hope got thrown under the bus, huh? Too bad.
I saw when La Toya came back -- she looked ready to kill someone (aka Star). It made me laugh.

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Submitted by SOScrewed on

However, not glad to see the Obots coming out from under their shells for the first time in three years and flocking to Facebook and Twitter in droves. From my Facebook feed, my Obots acquaintances are proclaiming their dear leader will win reelection for sure now and how awesome and cool he is to have stuck it to Trump twice in a row (once at the correspondence dinner and interrupting the Apprentice to announce Osama's death.

Notice that it is no longer about Osama or the US forces putting their lives on the line in Afghanistan but about how Obama is the man. It's always about him, isn't it?

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Submitted by RedQueen on

Or is anyone else nauseated at the cheering crowds? I know, OBL was a murderous douchebag. But there is something immensely creepy at an entire country chanting over someone's death.

And I have noticed lots of people quickly forgetting the last few years and returning to Obama as the man who sends chills up their legs. The whole thing is making me ill. Imma gonna go watch some Doctor Who and try to feel better.

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Submitted by chezmadame on

and he was disgusted, especially by the crowd outside the White House last night singing "We are the Champions" as if this were some kind of sports event.

Submitted by lambert on

Last I checked, the only "industry" in DC was governance.

If that crowd was polled, I'd bet a substantial number of the young folks who spontaneously appeared outside the White House were D interns and political operatives. IOW, our very own "bourgeois riot."

And our famously free press at once injects the undiluted bullshit into the bloodstream.

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Submitted by SOScrewed on

I now have to see profile photos like this when I log onto facebook. Might have to take a long break from that site.

Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

I've had maybe 2-3 "comments" on my wall, but NO pix like THAT, and if I did, there's a "hide all posts" by this entity option, if you scroll your mouse to the upper right hand corner of the post...I've only ever had to use it a couple times.

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Submitted by editor_u on

And it's so busy that it's slowing down my browser. Turning off plug-ins does not make it go away, either.

I thought this was Corrente. How did all those yahoos get in here?

Submitted by lambert on

Educational, no?

It's a twitter feed on #binladen. And do remember it represents (for now) a precise demographic.

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Submitted by editor_u on

I'm on the way to the doctor to have some blood drawn. I can't wait to hear the waiting room conversation.

p.s.: Safari is impossible right now; Firefox handles the Twitter feed a lot better, though it still hesitates every time a new Tweet comes in.