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Pro-cop twits bully school superintendent into submission

This, from the Superintendent of Saint Paul Public Schools:

I apologize for the misunderstanding around my first tweet Monday night in which I reacted emotionally to the Ferguson grand jury's decision.

My purpose was not to challenge the judgment of the police or the grand jury, but to express my sadness about this tragic situation. I deleted the tweet because it was being misinterpreted and it was distracting from the larger conversation about Ferguson.

Here's the original tweet (via the Times):

Actually, challenging "the judgment of the police or the grand jury" is exactly what needs to be done; even Ezra Klein gets this.

Oh, and it's a thousand to one the bullies are pro-charter, too, so it all connects in a lovely way.

NOTE Note the lack of agency in "being misinterpreted", which translates to: "Pro-cop trolls on twitter were frothing and stamping, and "distracting from the larger conversation," which translates to the same thing, with bonus points for the queasy gliberal "conversation." It's not a fucking conversation. It's a conflict. Sheesh.

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The downside of all the localized uprising is that the "progressives" will get to decapitate it all, exactly as with Occupy. You don't have to be as old as Al Sharpton to be a black misleader (as Black Agenda Report would put it).

Bring on the progressive roach motels!

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the queen of charter schools, she did leave the company she was with and haven't seen anything about her of late.