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Progressive Pledge Period - Last Chance Update

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Donate now or we shoot this zucchini!


We've had some generous one-time donations over the weekend but we're still short of our goal of $100 in recurring monthly contributions to help pay for the server costs. The pledge drive will end at 2:30 pm EST today, the same time it started last Monday. Sign up as a recurring donor before 2:30 or the Zucchini of Chastisement gets splattered.

Also, the Progressive Pr0n Prize Pledge is still operative if we meet the goal. Otherwise, no porn for you!

So give 'till it hurts so good and help keep the hamsters that spin the wheels that keep the Mighty Corrente Building going.

More background on why Corrente is a good investment.

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Submitted by vastleft on

... why would they pay for the pr0n?

Anyway, I'm in for a monthly contribution, and I ask anyone who frequents this site to chip in a little if you can.

There are a few sites I go to daily -- here, C&L, Greenwald, and Digby -- and I think it's good form to put a little in the tip jar to support those people who go above and beyond to provide great insight, wit, and community participation... which Lambert most assuredly does, supported by a gang of canny, entertaining, and collegial contributors.

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Submitted by shystee on

Maybe we need to adjust the vegetable porn incentive structure...