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Project accomplished

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That was fast. Bill Kristol stumbles through his latest "Daily Show" interview, and now, it appears, PNAC is folding its tent.

This new American century will be anticlimactic, since its main project was accomplished so quickly:

Gary Schmitt used to be a senior figure at the "New American Century" project. Now he is director of strategic studies at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), and he says the project has come to a natural end.

"When the project started, it was not intended to go forever. That is why we are shutting it down. We would have had to spend too much time raising money for it and it has already done its job.

For a fascinating look at the history of the neo-cons and their operatic relationship with the Islamists, see here (video).



See also Kristol bloviating about the "surge," which he argues should last at least as long as Bush does.

As Bill Maher said, "Hey, you know what, Nostradamus? Why don't you sit this one out?"

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