If you have "no place to go," come here!

Protest Keystone in Cushing, Oklahoma Thurs., March 22, 2012

3:00pm in CDT

Memorial Park, S. Little Avenue & E 5th St, Cushing, OK

We will gather in Cushing and be ready to send our message to President Obama early Thursday morning:
"Just Say No to Keystone XL"

This event is sponsored by S.P.I.R.I.T. and Kat Elliott, Richard Ray Whitman and Coalition Against Keystone XL Pipeline


Highway 51 coming from the West out of Stillwater will be blocked off to thru traffic. Highway 108 and Highway 18 South from Highway 51 will also be blocked. To get to Cushing, you must approach from highway 99 which is east of Cushing (to get to highway 99 from Stillwater, you must take highway 177 South to I-44 then exit north on highway 99 near Stroud OR take 177 South, go east on Highway 105 then north on highway 18, then east on Thompson Road/E0770). Here is a Google map describing that route:

Here is another Google map describing the I-44 from Stillwater route:

- If you are approaching from the EAST (highway 51), exit south on highway 99 (through Oilton), then West on Highway 33.

- If you are approaching from Tulsa, there are at least two routes:

Highway 33 from Tulsa (using the Turnpike) -

I-44 to highway 99 North -

We are to come in from the East side of Cushing. You can come North on Highway 99 to Main Street. Or call the Cushing Police for directions at 918-225-1212.

Bring your own lawn chairs, cameras.

Contact: Fannie Bates, MPH

NOTE Via Censored News.

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