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Proudly C list!

I've had a great time this morning taking the roads less traveled -- Grits for Breakfast, Dontpaycreditcards, Emergency Room Nurse, and Economic Perspectives, and Equal Visibility Everywhere -- which I found under "Random Links" in the sidebar. And if you watch "Random Links," you'll see that it changes frequently, generated from our blogroll. There's always something new!

The common thread between all these blogs is that the writing is vivid and excellent, and the concerns are grown-up concerns. (They aren't "just like grad school"). Maybe the one thing has something to do with the other?

So do patronize the links on our blogroll!

NOTE I should say that I'm not ranking the blogs I linked to; they came up, randomly, and so I went there to see if there was anything interesting. And in every case, there was! Contrast the access bloggers, whose content -- through Eschaton seems to be moving to an outlier position, here -- might as well come from a Clear Channel-like national playlist of approved topics.

UPDATE Back at ya, SPK!

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