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Random Video Game Blogging: Favorite Main Quest

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Stuck in a swing state where I'm inundated by television ads and candidates keep littering on my doorstep by leaving various pamphlets telling me to vote for this person or that person*, I've been playing even more video games than usual trying to ignore the fact that my only choices for Senate are George "Macaca" Allen and the Democrat running to his right, Tim Kaine. So anyway, I got bored and went back to Fallout 3. And I realized that of all the RPGs I've played in the last several years, it's main quest is my favorite. Why? Because bringing fresh water to a post-nuclear holocaust world is both just big enough to matter, but small enough to actually still be on a human scale.

I think New Vegas and Skyrim are better games. But just starting the main quest in Fallout 3 compels me to finish it. It's my favorite thing about the game, which is almost never true of the main quests in these big open world games.

So, what's your favorite video game main quest?

Also, on another random note is Assassin's Creed 3 (Boston! American Revolution!) any good?

* I'd like to thank the realtor organization for nicely summarizing in its endorsement the city council candidates who are the proponents of selling out even more to developers, that one will save me some time.

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On another note, I bought the Xbox Morrowind Game of the Year Edition and have started playing it.

There's some interesting wrinkles. For one, you don't regenerate health & magic - except by sleeping. That makes it tough, to put it mildly. Also, the journaling is terrible - just one big chronological thread. No sorting, no sections, no nothing. I'm still getting into it though.

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but on the PC it moved so slowly compared to newer games. I lost patience with trying to get from one place to the next.

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I can't tell you how many "Morrowind was better" comments I've heard, but I have to say - it seems like an awful lot of snobbery now that I've played it some. Bethesda is leaps and bounds better at designing RPGs now. Oblivion still has nice replay value, but Morrowind is a slog. Maybe if I'd have played it before the other two I'd feel differently, but now that I know how much better a game's mechanics can work there's no going back. I don't care how awesome the spell creation component is if I can't do something basic like manage inventory efficiently.

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Things are busy but a good kind of busy!

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And I don't know if it's because of I've Game Of Thrones on the brain(started the show, had to do the books) but the storyline seemed very similiar.

It was a great deal of fun though, I'm now replaying as an Daelish Elf Warrior, after playing as a Human Noble Rogue.

My favorite Main Quest is probably a tie between Knights of the Old Republic and Final Fantasy X.