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Raw/Living Food: The Convert Speaks

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Well, I have to Come Out. I'm a convert. It's my new religion and like any convert and evangelical, I can't stop talking about it. But dammit. This is working. So let me share. If you are bored with me, just absorb this simple part: stop cooking your food. Just, stop. Obviously you should be buying organic, local, and not-GMO. But damn, people. I laughed at Madonna when I read she went on this program, and now I feel ashamed for mocking her for what works. I always though hollywood drugs kept her in shape. Now I know. To quote her in a way that isn't flattering, "Vegans are Whiter." Give me a sec and I'll explain why this is good.

The short version is this: I know I'm right because when I recently went off my new diet for a few days b/c a gf came by, and she likes "comfort food." I joined her for two days and ate what she bought. And I felt like hell. I immediately went back to my new diet and felt 1000% better. Please believe me when I say: I'm not lying. If you feel sick, tired, sad, or unhealthy, please read the rest of this post. I want to help you. I never thought I could help myself in this way, because I have self-loathing issues, but if it works for me, it will work for you. I know all about poverty, lack of health care, illness and the psychology that relates to poor personal habits. I'm breaking them. Please join me. It's good to be Strong again.

So the deal is pretty simple. I picked up a new client a few months ago, and he's working in disability activism. He's a very interesting guy, in that he has ALS and should be, well, frankly, dead by now. But he's not. Mainly because "food keeps him alive. because his food is alive." That probably sounds hokey to you, but trust me, it's not.

I am also participating in a "study" which is really more of an activism thingee, that has to do with replacing aspects and elements of our naturally evolved diet that we no longer get, as a result of industrial farming and corporate poisons in the stuff we consume. Drugs, food, even our water- all these things have been modified in modern society to the point where we as human animals can't process what it is we are given to live off of, nor can we be healthy as we consume these things. Everyone has seen "Supersize Me," right? Well, let's take that a step further.

Before I do this rant right, let me be political and relevant. Most of us here believe that the US is headed for a fall, a big fall, one in which food and water will be major and important concerns. So if you don't care about my new 18" waist, care about this: raw foods will keep you alive during the riots and crises that are coming. And you can grow them yourself. And no one will notice you have a food supply, because most people are utterly ignorant of what I am about to tell you. This is life saving knowledge in more than one way.

Short version: eat it raw. Eat raw tuna, and raw salmon, for you meat people. But mostly: eat raw veggies- all and any of them. And fruits. Just don't "cook." I don't mean all the time; I just had a nice serving of veggies off the grill and that's fine, if one is cooking fresh veggies that are sauteed or grilled with a little marinated seasoning. I'm not saying give up French cooking of anything like that. What I am saying: keep your food alive, for as long as possible, right before you consume it. That's really the easy, effective trick.

The main principle is this: you're alive, and your proto-human ancestors ate food that was, more or less, "alive." This is what we evolved to do. So stop poisoning your body with stuff that is dead, if you don't want to be dead sooner. It works in the garden, and it works for our bodies. I am a living example of this, as is my new client. Life is hard, and then you die; but one can extend life, if that is the desire. What I'm saying is also great for all us poor people, because raw veggies are in fact cheaper than processed foods and meats. I'm saving money as I save my own life, yo.

But basically, here's what I have learned, as a person without health insurance. I can make all my metrics and numbers better, simply by eating raw food. I dropped ten pounds of fat off my waist and ass, in in a week by eating only raw food. No extra exercise, no extra effort. Sure, I do yoga and I recommend that to everyone, but still. It was... impressive. I had always assumed, "dood, i'm over 40 now and i'll never be 100% HardBody again." I was wrong.

I will go to my establishment doctor again soon, just to check this out, but I'm pretty sure, because I can see it in my face and skin and six pack abs: all my health issues are fading away, as I keep to this. I don't need sleeping drugs, booze, pot or anything else anymore. The only reason I'm up right now is because one of my lovers came to see me this week and we just had fabulous sex, which always wakes me up. But I have my last "blood work" report and I know what was wrong with me then; I can't wait to go back and show my doctor how I've been "cured" of what supposedly can't be cured. My inspiration? Dr. Terry Wahls, of the U of Iowa or something like that (forgive me, it's late). She literally cured herself of MS with this program. Are you listening now?

So here's the program: buy a juicer. Find a whole foods store or something like that where you can buy veggies that are organic and non-GMO. Find a place where you can buy some nice herbal or TCM teas with vitamins. Don't worry about the extra cost; what happens is that as you do this diet, you need *LESS* food to get by. I'm only eating 1.5 meals a day right now, and I've never felt more energetic. These days, I only eat raw/undercooked meat or fish once a week with friends, and honestly, it only slows me down.

Grapefruit is better than coffee. Seriously. Want to wake up? Eat a grapefruit right away when you wake up.

Spinach and kale are miracle foods. Juice a large bunch of them at about mid-morning, and you *will* feel better than if you'd eaten a motrin. Carrots, starbies, blueberries: all superfoods. Cherries, herbs like parsley and cilantro: total energy blast. Apples, swiss chard, oregano, tomatoes... you know the list of veggies that people like me rave about, so I won't bore you with them. But just go veggie, fruit, and more veggies. Asparagus, broccoli. Peas, corn... Fresh, organic and uncooked. Do what I do: make a "garbage salad" every day for your dinner, and have two cups of juiced greens for your lunch, and a grapefruit and orange for your breakfast, every day. Want to look like me? I'm model-thin, my skin is blushingly fresh, and I'm arrogantly energetic. I'm still poor and unhappy with our society; yet I've never felt better.

The supplements I'm taking include organic sulfur and flax oil; I'll get to those in another post. But this is my convert's moment, so I though I'd share. I hope you can forgive me. But please: eat some Shalijit (mushroom) powder and switch to organic Himilayan mountain salts. It works, dammit. We'll also get to the purslane and organic self-growing aspects of this post later.

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I hit 60 in about 6 months, and my health sucks. I have over the years greatly reduced my consumption of processed foods, which is good. I think the worst thing for me is the side effects of the meds I take. If I could find a way of eating that counteracted or diminished those side effects I would be so very happy.

I gained a lot of weight w/the meds, and because of them I cannot lose it. Do you think a raw food diet could help with that? I recently found out I have osteoporosis,which is confounding my doctors because A) I am a bit on the young side for osteoporosis and B) it came on very quickly. I have bone density scans every 5 years. The one 5 years ago showed great bones. Now, suddenly old brittle bones. Would raw foods help restore my bones? Are you eating dairy, and if not, how are you getting enough calcium?

I don't know if my poor health is making me more depressed or if the depression is making me more unhealthy. I do know I often feel, anymore, like I am failing fast.

At this point I'd try almost anything to get better.

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My brother has been doing this for about 3 years now since he and his girlfriend moved in together. She has a sugar intolerance, so nearly every processed food makes her ill, and he just started eating what she ate. It definitely works for him. I've never seen him healthier or more active. His skin is incredible now, after years of fighting acne, and (weird as it might sound) I swear even his tats look better.

I did try going all raw for about a month, but it just wasn't for me. (I think I'm an omnivore cook in mind, body, and spirit. LOL) I did, however, lose weight! Of course, this isn't good for someone who has trouble keeping her weight above 100 lbs. Even eating/drinking constantly, I couldn't even begin to meet my 2500 calories/day requirement.

I do try to avoid processed foods for my main meals, although current circumstances dictate that happens a bit more often than I prefer. And, seriously, I haven't found a better snack than fresh fruit. Oranges are my crack cocaine. :)

Submitted by Lex on

There's no reason to barely cook fish. There's no reason to cook fish at all!

I miss living 20 minutes from one of the world's largest fish markets in a culture that will eat anything from the sea still wriggling. I wish i could stand American sushi, but eating raw fish that's been frozen, shipped and then thawed for your enjoyment just don't cut it if you ever become accustomed to the real thing.

I like my menu to be an aquarium, thank you.

I'd happily replace at least 75% of my meat intake with raw fish if i could do it, but i may be an outlier ... i did once eat nearly 5 lbs of raw fish in a single sitting followed by a comically large pile of live sea urchins for dessert.

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Submitted by danps on

Earlier this year I officially had Had It with the kids. Wouldn't eat fruits or vegetables without a major war, but I was determined to get decent food into them. So one of the Mrs' friends sold us her almost completely unused top-of-the-line Breville for a hundred bucks, and I've been using it ever since. Now they're getting apples, pineapples, tomatoes, spinach, carrots, etc as smoothies, and wow has it been easier. I didn't know I was also preemptively following Dr. CD's prescription as well.

They aren't getting the fiber obviously, but it's a lot more than they had been getting. And here's a little something I found since I hate wasting food and felt horribly guilty throwing out the pulp at first:

4 c. fruit pulp
3 c. whole wheat flour
1 c. brown sugar
1 c. canola oil
3 eggs
1 tbsp. baking powder
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. vanilla extract

Mix all together, cook at 350 for 30 minutes (or longer if you'd like). I've got my technique down now and they come out really well. Folks love 'em, in part I think because we've become so unused to eating fresh food.

I assume you've been composting yours?

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Submitted by jjmtacoma on

Your post actually has me thinking about a juicer! I've made smoothies with the blender but a juicer would let me toss in green things and feed them to the kiddos who prefer captain crunch. Exciting!

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

my client and i spend all day researching how raw foods have fixed/cured/made better people with really serious diseases. it's amazing! we're working with one guy who works for a raw/whole foods distributor and he got cancer at 35, prostate or something horrible like that, and was told by his traditional MD "you're going to die and there's nothing we can do." but he's now 47 and alive and healthy and a race car driver!

really, it's pretty simple. food is energy, and the energy your body needs to heal itself. blah blah, chemistry and biology blah, just think of yourself like you'd think of a cow or fish you were growing and trying to make more beautiful and healthy. if you feed yourself, or any living animal, what it needs, the body's own fight against infirmity and disease is the best medicine there is. you're alive today because your ancient ancestors survived because they ate better foods than those who didn't live to reproduce.

for almost all ailments and disorders, here's what i recommend:

blueberries (except in large amount to those with sugar related disorders)
swiss chard
red and gold peppers, including the seeds
Pak Choi, Bok Choi, and any of the other "chinese swiss chard" type of greens
lettuce (any variety)
garlic, lots and lots of garlic. juice garlic, mix it with olive oil, and get a massage. it literally relaxes and soothes your aches and pains. also, eat as much of it raw as you can stand
mushrooms of all kinds, fresh and in powder form
DHA and Omega oil rich foods like salmon, cod liver oil and cold pressed flax seeds
raw nuts, including sunflower and pumpkin
"ancient" salts from the high mountains and salt lakes
purslane (a weed that probably grows in your yard but which is as rich as spinach in vitamins and damn easy to cultivate)
pretty much all the herbs, either in tea form, or as additives to salad or grilled dishes

and finally, organic sulfur/MSM. the pill form is less effective; if you can find pure sulfur "salt" flakes, it will make you better... fast! it also cures hangovers; i haven't quite gotten the drinking thing down but my goddess is it great when it comes to preventing hangovers. i just went to dinner with a drink-y gf and i ate a tablespoon of sulfur, knowing what we drank was too much. she suffered badly the next morning, i was fine.

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Submitted by caseyOR on

the foods on your list in raw form? If I saute swiss chard with onions and garlic is that not a good thing? How do you get protein? And calcium? I'm very worried about the osteoporosis. It makes me feel like a really old person who has to be very careful with every step I take. Does this way of eating do anything to rebuild bone mass?

And how about beans? Dried beans. I added those when I cut back so much on animal protein. Are those good or bad as far as this way eating is concerned?

Eggs- I eat eggs quite a lot for protein. They are an animal product, though. Should I eliminate all animal foods? What about dairy? Yoghurt?

I have a lot of questions. I am ready to do just about anything to feel and be better.

Any and all help will be appreciated more than you will ever know.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

go on and cook and consume the foods you like best; eggs, some meats, steamed and grilled veggies. you don't have ALS or MS or anything really serious like that; my client does and that's why he has to be so strict. for people like us, who only want to address 'minor' concerns like the ones we have, a 'mildly' strict raw/living food diet works just great.

the trick is to do about 75% raw, of whatever type. don't beat yourself up about it all. just do the best you can. here's my routine: a grapefruit at 5am. an orange or a half box of blueberries at 7am. a glass of juiced greens like spinach and oregano at 9am. sunflower seeds from 10-1p. a fresh mozz'rella and/or an avocado "sandwich" or salad at 4p. a "garbage" salad at night before bed, if i'm tired of have been drinking. a serving of flax seed oil or cod liver oil, vitamins, and some sulfur.

do you have my email? contact me, if so. i'll put you in touch with my nutritionist, who is also part of this religion. she will design a specific diet for you, which will address your specific health issues (you'll have to pay her, of course, as a business woman i can't have her be treated in any other way but with respect). but yes: there is a regimen for you, very specifically. i can't give it to you, but i know there is one for you. and yes, it WILL work.

seriously, i've never been "healed" and lost weight this fast. so yeah, i can help you. oh, also: plenty of garlic and onion juice. add that to anything and everything you make. control for the nasty flavor by balancing it with an equal serving of cherry and blueberry and strawberry juice; trust me when i say with red peppers, they mix and balace well.

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... food (as we've been saying for years) has a huge influence on our well-being (and remember there's a lot of profit in keeping people sick, much more so than keeping them well, and so food + media co-evolve as almost literal parasites, keeping us weak and easy prey). Just get away from processed food, that's a big win. And surprise! Getting away from the teebee helps you do that... But all in all what CD said, "Do the best you can."