If you have "no place to go," come here!

"Ray Kelly must go!"

Yep. Somebody read DCBlogger's six days ago (or parallelism of great minds).

Say, it's a demand. Then again, that same kind of demand worked with Mubarak. And might work further up the food chain.

NOTE I'm using this post for getting rid of Ray Kelly as opposed to this post against police brutality because I think the message is a heck of a lot better and more powerful.

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3/24 Live Updates

12:12 AM: An armed gang is currently kidnapping people from the street in Union Square. Someone call the police! Oh wait...

12:08 AM: Definition of terrorism: The illegal use of force to achieve political goals. NYPD, you have crossed the line from law enforcement organization to becoming a terrorist faction.

12:05 AM: Barricades have been illegally erected in our park. They're in the way of public use of the public's park. They'd look a lot better on their sides.

12:03 AM: Occupiers asking who they are protecting. Armed gang refuses to answer. Withdraw. Now.

12:02 AM: Occupiers resisting armed gang attempting to steal the people's park. Gang ringleader shouting on megaphone without a sound permit that the "park is closed". Stop lying.

12:01 AM: Occupiers making a stand, chanting "make a move!"

12:00 AM: NYPD goon on megaphone: No, the park is not closed. We did not close it. You will leave, or face eviction from the people's park. Immediately.

11:56 PM: NYPD officers entering the people's Union Square park. Prepare to defend yourselves against gang assault, occupiers.

11:45 PM: Former commissioner Raymond Kelly, did you think I went to sleep or something? Reports coming from the ground that you have doubled the armed gang's presence on the ground. Remember, you currently carry the legitimacy of an armed gang of violent criminals. Assault the people, and don't expect us to simply accept your violent terrorism anymore.

5:28 PM: Before I forget it, this message is directed straight at former Commisioner Ray Kelly. I know you read these. I know you will read this message. I have seen the NYPD react when I have warned it about its actions before. That park, Union Square is owned by the people and paid for by our tax dollars. Sanitation department is a service, which we may CHOOSE to use or not. Union square is our park, and neither you nor anyone else will take it from us. Read my lips: NO NEW BARRICADES. Tonight, your charade ends.