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Remembering the "Clinton - GOP Alliance" on NAFTA in the light of the "Obama - GOP alliance" to make public health care FTA-illegal

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What do people think about this? Is all this deja-vu merely a coincidence or is there really an Obama-Clinton-GOP alliance? This is cited from "Get Ready for the Obama/GOP Alliance" by Jeff Cohen which was Published on Wednesday, November 25, 2009 by

"With Obama pushing a huge troop escalation in Afghanistan, history may well repeat itself with a vengeance. And it's not just the apt comparison to LBJ, who destroyed his presidency on the battlefields of Vietnam with an escalation that delivered power to Nixon and the GOP.

There's another frightening parallel: Obama seems to be following in the footsteps of Bill Clinton, who accomplished perhaps his single biggest legislative "triumph" - NAFTA - thanks to an alliance with Republicans that overcame strong Democratic and grassroots opposition.

It was 16 years ago this month when Clinton assembled his coalition with the GOP to bulldoze public skepticism about the trade treaty and overpower a stop-NAFTA movement led by unions, environmentalists and consumer rights groups. How did Clinton win his majority in Congress? With the votes of almost 80 percent of GOP senators and nearly 70 percent of House Republicans. Democrats in the House voted against NAFTA by more than 3 to 2, with fierce opponents including the Democratic majority leader and majority whip.

To get a majority today in Congress on Afghanistan, the Obama White House is apparently bent on a strategy replicating the tragic farce that Clinton pulled off: Ignore the informed doubts of your own party while making common cause with extremist Republicans who never accepted your presidency in the first place.

"Deather" conspiracists are not new to the Grand Old Party. Clinton engendered a similar loathing on the right despite his centrist, corporate-friendly policies. When conservative Republican leaders like Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey delivered to Clinton (and corporate elites) the NAFTA victory, it didn't slow down right wing operatives who circulated wacky videos accusing Clinton death squads of murdering reporters and others.

For those who elected Obama, it's important to remember the downward spiral that was accelerated by Clinton's GOP alliance to pass NAFTA. It should set off alarm bells for us today on Afghanistan.

NAFTA was quickly followed by the debacle of Clinton healthcare "reform" largely drafted by giant insurance companies, which was followed by a stunning election defeat for Congressional Democrats in November 1994, as progressive and labor activists were lethargic while rightwing activists in overdrive put Gingrich into the Speaker's chair.

A year later, advised by his chief political strategist Dick Morris (yes, the Obama-basher now at Fox), Clinton declared: "The era of big government is over." In the coming years, Clinton proved that the era of big business was far from over - working with Republican leaders to grant corporate welfare to media conglomerates (1996 Telecom Act) and investment banks (1999 abolition of the Glass-Steagall Act).

Today, it's crucial to ask where Obama is heading. From the stimulus to healthcare, he's shown a Clinton-like willingness to roll over progressives in Congress on his way to corrupt legislation and frantic efforts to compromise for the votes of corporate Democrats or "moderate" Republicans. Meanwhile, the incredible shrinking "public option" has become a sick joke.

As he glides from retreats on civil liberties to health reform that appeases corporate interests to his Bush-like pledge this week to "finish the job" in Afghanistan, an Obama reliance on Congressional Republicans to fund his troop escalation could be the final straw in disorienting and demobilizing the progressive activists who elected him a year ago. "....

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There is something wrong with a country that does this to its people.

We don't live in a democracy if these are the non-"choices" we have.

What do you think can be done? Please don't tell me vote for Hillary Clinton. She has not done anything that would make me think she is a progressive. Her failure to choose and properly promote single payer in 2007-2008 was the reason she lost to Barack Obama. Since her hands were tied by her husband's NAFTA and WTO "agreements", a fact she concealed from the American public, just as Barack Obama has participated in a cover up of the public healthcare-vs-free trade agreement connection as well.

Where it counts, their policies have been as bad as those of the GOP.

Realistically, it appears that we are in fact being ruled by only a single party that is attempting to appear as if it is two in order to steal both spots on the ballot.

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Clinton engendered a similar loathing on the right despite his centrist, corporate-friendly policies.

Yeah, that goes for Carter too, under whom this downward cycle got rolling. In fact, I've spent my entire adult life watching "centrist" Dems giving away the store. Besides deregulating major industries, Carter is remembered for his much lauded 10-point energy program, nine out of ten of which consisted of -- that's right -- tax breaks.