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Republican playbook calls for new terror attacks in time for election 2008

What a surprise. Here's Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum on eminent scholar Hugh Hewitt's radio show. (via The Blogger in the Grey Turtleneck Bra (via Information Liberation:

[SANTORUM:] Between now and November, a lot of things are going to happen, and I believe that by this time next year, the American public’s going to have a very different view of this war, and it will be because, I think, of some unfortunate events, that like we’re seeing unfold in the UK. But I think the American public’s going to have a very different view....

(Love the Lemony Snicket reference!

But Rick, how would you know?

You know, I just hate to be cynical:

But is there anything these guys won't do to hang onto power?


You can trust the Republicans to be Republicans. Remember what the usual suspects, Bennett, Jebbie Bush, Cheney, Donald Kagan, Libby, Podhoretz, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz et al had written at their winger stink tank, the Project for a New American Century, in September 2000, before 9/11. From the section on weapons procurement policies ((PDF):

The process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing [and "unfortunate"] event – like a new Pearl Harbor.

Flash forward to Hellmouth Crawford, TX, summer of 2001:

The book's opening anecdote tells of an unnamed CIA briefer who flew to Bush's Texas ranch during the scary summer of 2001, amid a flurry of reports of a pending al-Qaeda attack, to call the president's attention personally to the now-famous Aug. 6, 2001, memo titled "Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in US." Bush reportedly heard the briefer out and replied: "All right. You've covered your ass, now."

What could possibly account for such a reaction to an analyst doing their patriotic duty?

Over the years of watching Bush and the Republicans be what they are and do what they do, I've come to believe that the Bush administration was, indeed, directly responsible for 9/11. It's right out of their playbook, as is the terror attack that Santorum is all but calling for.

No, Bush didn't pick up the phone and order the attack, nor did Cheney. Too dangerous for them. We might call their play called malign neglect; they left the door open, and, sure enough, the hijackers slipped through, and we're all left asking, after the shock wears off, cui bono? To which I think the answer, by now, is obvious.

Bush called the same play, malign neglect, to bring about the Katrina disaster. The Seventeenth Street Canal broke right where the funding stopped. Bush, again, was on vacation, and his staff had to make a CD to get his attention. Cui bono? The Republicans, as the entire state of Louisiana turns reliably red. (Follow the money: Bush turned down more than $800 million of cash from our allies to help. I wonder why?)

Bush has called the same play, malign neglect, on protecting blue state cities and ports from nuclear attack. It will just be Katrina on a bigger scale. Cui bono? Well, I'd say the country as a whole. The cities are full of colored people, and gay people, and Democrats, and liberals, and atheists, and worse, people who don't drive. Fuck 'em.

Nobody could have predicted that hijackers would fly airplanes into buildings. Except people did.

Nobody could have anticipated that the levees would breach. Except people did.

Nobody could have predicted that ________ in 2008. Except we are, now.

When the going gets tough, the tough get foily. Read this from Arkansas Republican chairman Dennis Milligan. (Note that Arkansas is important enough for Bush replace the US Attorney there with a Partei operative, so we can expect Milligan to be wired into the latest strategery).

“At the end of the day, I believe fully the president is doing the right thing, and I think all we need is some attacks on American soil like we had on [Sept. 11, 2001], and the naysayers will come around very quickly to appreciate not only the commitment for President Bush, but the sacrifice that has been made by men and women to protect this country,” Milligan said.

And since when has the Bush administration ever not gotten exactly what it needed, eh? Especially in an election year.

At some point, the incompetence dodge doesn't cut it anymore. We know their moves. We've seen them before. They have a track record.

We really are looking at a play from the playbook: Malign neglect.

I'd say Bush has already called it, and the clock is ticking.

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Right after 9/11, remember the way everyone on the right, among Republicans and so-called experts who framed 9/11 as the beginning of WW3 or possibly 4, and that includes our dauntingly stupid media overlords, could talk of nothing but when the next attack would come, and that there was no "if" about it - it drove me nuts; what do you mean we can't stop it?

Malign Neglict works for me.

And one sees it everywhere among Republicans, especially this lot.

I think it operates almost on a pre-conscious level.

I don't think Cheney and Bush agree over lunch, "hey, let's not do anything to secure the country's obvious vulnerabilities, like, say, our ports, our nuclear plants, our chemical plants." It's not something that interests them, it's expensive, without that much political value, and why not? Because they know they won't effectively be called to account for that failure, and frankly, they understand that they won't be held accountable for another attack, which means another one strengthens their hand.

That didn't seem to work with Katrina, and Bush has never recovered from that, but the truth is that his approval ratings started falling in early 2005 when he assured Americans that his narrow victory was a landslide and he was going to use his political capitol on favorite right-wing ideas that a majority of Americans were certainly not voting for, i.e., privatizing Social Security.

But that loss of public support means nothing to Bush/Cheney - it has only freed them to be more radical and usurp more power more ruthlessly.

The truth is that Bush/Cheney are only a slightly more extreme version of what the Republican Party has become, after years of not being held to account by our SCLM, which should probably be the subject of a post, so I'll stop here.

Good one, Lambert. Senior Fellows, Junior Fellows, and all you Reader Fellows of the Mighty Corrente Building, feel free to blogwhore this puppy.

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Keep beating that drum Lambert. You know you're on the right track because everywhere you turn, the Bush-Cheney gang is scurrying into the shadows. The undisclosed location is everywhere.

Why didn't the leadership of this country help us by turning over every rock to discover how 9/11 had succeeded? From day 1, they behaved like folks with something to hide. Why couldn't the president and vice president testify openly about what they saw, heard, and did before, during, and after 9/11? The answer is beating us over the head: Because they knew something. Maybe they knew everything. But they knew. They sat and watched as the planes were hijacked and (maybe surprisingly, maybe not) flown into buildings filled with people.

Now we know that they were just starting out. Read back from what we know today to what we didn't know then. The light gets brighter and brighter, the beam gets narrower and narrower. Bush and Cheney have some explaining to do, before us and before their Maker.

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My guess is after Sept this year, but before Sept 08.

over at Military they have an article titled "why we need another attack".

All the signs are there. Chertoff's gut, the screaming intelligence pickups we're hearing about, the AL-Q cel on way or already here, the abysmal poll numbers, the economy crashing, all the investigations,....etc.,etc.

I'm with you on the benign neglect thing and have beleived that for a damned long time, ever since I learned about PNAC, the you've covered your ass thing, no WH terorrism task force meetings before etc. Yea, they knew. And they are just as guilty and complicit as the terrorists.

So, they're going to murder more of us. But this time they have vastly more weapons at home, wiretaps and those blackwater built camps, the new Presidential decree saying W can shut down the government, etc. After this next attack, the coup will come out from the shadows and the people will know that they've been living under a dictatorship for the last 6 years, too too late.