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Republicans, not content with Katrina, continue their mission to destroy New Orleans, this time with faulty pumps from Jeb Bush

Un-fuckin-believable. No, cancel that. Standard operating procedure*. Read it and scream:

The Army Corps of Engineers, rushing to meet President Bush's promise to protect New Orleans by the start of the 2006 hurricane season, installed defective flood-control pumps last year despite warnings from its own expert that the equipment would fail during a storm, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

The 2006 hurricane season turned out to be mild, and the new pumps were never pressed into action. But the Corps and [MWI,] the politically connected manufacturer of the equipment are still struggling to get the 34 heavy-duty pumps working properly.

The pumps are now being pulled out and overhauled because of excessive vibration, Corps officials said. Other problems have included overheated engines, broken hoses and blown gaskets, according to the documents obtained by the AP.

And guess what the political connection was?

MWI is owned by J. David Eller and his sons. Eller was once a business partner of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in a venture called Bush-El that marketed MWI pumps. And Eller has donated about $128,000 to politicians, the vast majority of it to the Republican Party, since 1996, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

MWI has run into trouble before. The U.S. Justice Department sued the company in 2002, accusing it of fraudulently helping Nigeria obtain $74 million in taxpayer-backed loans for overpriced and unnecessary water-pump equipment. The case has yet to be resolved. [Details here]

Sued for fraud? To a Republican, that's a qualification!

It's enough to make you think that, well, there's some sort of Plan to take out a Blue city that used to be full of black people, isn't it?

* Conservative governance = no planning + privatization + insider looting = disaster

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and stuff.

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans
And miss it each night and day
I know I'm not wrong... this feelings gettin stronger
The longer I stay away...

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use a private contractor to do shitty work that will have to be revamped later at twice the cost. more profit for the contractor, more donations for the GOP, and best of all: more dead brown people!

what's wrong with you, lb? it's clearly a win-win.

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You left out step 3 of the autocoprophagy: blame a Democrat.

But I still believe
And I will rise up with fists!!

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I have (here) "disaster to the degree of a acute clusterfuck" as the right hand side.

But the operational test of what's "acute" is: Plenty of dead brown people! Brilliant, CD. Thanks.

NOTE I am kind of "ha ha only serious" about that equation. It has predictive value. I gave several examples in the original post, and voila, here's a new one that conforms perfectly to the model.

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

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It's in the Dem controlled city they're using defective pumps, you're pro'ly right that later they're planning to blame Dems for the problems. And in MS the casinos are prioritized for rebuilding efforts. Your gov't at work.Ruth

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If you were a Coast resident perhaps you'd know how the casino industry revitalized the whole area, provided good paying jobs to many thousands of residents, pumped tax dollars into infrastructure and beautification, and fueled development. If you lived here, perhaps you'd know how casinos lifted so many people out of poverty, people of every race, men and women, young and old, and gave them a solid income. If you lived here, perhaps you'd know how the tourism brought in by the casino industry has benefited the entire economy, or how the money brought in by all those good paying jobs has done the same. Perhaps if you'd been poor, like I was, and gotten one of those good paying jobs and then seen it washed away, and went right back to struggling until that casino could rebuild and call you back to work, maybe you'd be glad they're getting the priority they need to get back to operational status.

Those casinos are anchor properties, and are engines that move the whole economy. They aren't just corporate boondoggles for moneyed interests, they're of benefit to many thousands of employees whose livelihood depends on them. These are jobs that pay a living wage with real benefits, and they take care of their people.

There are lots of ways the government is screwing the little guy and benefiting rich interests at the expense of everyone else. Helping the casinos --each of which employs close to two thousand people at decent wages and good benefits-- get back up and running so those jobs come back is not one of them.

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Anyone who is liberal or progressive, but who has family or friends in N.O. who are entrenched conservatives, knows that, just like everywhere else in the Fox-Belt of the USA, there is no correlation between adoration for Bush and education level. One brother? President of a regional bank in NO. Another? Personal injury litigator for Chevron Oil -- mitigating culpability for Chevron when an oil rig explodes and people sue... Sisters? Worldy, post grad degrees, cultured with jaunts to Europe since high school.

Every single one of them -- very well educated... yet they gravitate like moonbeams to All Things Fox and Bush. One line particularly stands out, when litigator brother had evacuated with family to Florida Gulf Coast vacation spot, and oh the troubles they endured for those 2 months or so of sun and sand and watching Fox News "cover" the state of the city... mind you, the worst thing that happened to their home in uptown New orleans was a 2nd story glass window blew out, and water entered a room of the house:

But when they heard from Fox that looters had taken to the streets in N.O., they were PISSSSSED -- and wondering when the authorities were going to crack down and end that shit right away -- afterall, their property and belongings were at stake... It was in this moment that my bro writes me email with the equivalent of yelling:

"Where the fuck is the National Guard!!??" -- and he immediately follows with "Yeah, I know. You'll say 'they're in Iraq' but this is where they are needed in time of emergency"

Of course he and "the Others" were ecstatic when Fox News showed National Guard arriving and then patroling the streets with tanks and shit. No way those fucking niggas were going to mess with THEIR homes!

Oh! But when they return to N.O., litigator brother -- good Catholic that he is -- works with a charity outreach group called "Common Ground" -- and trumpets his great work wokring with "The Community" -- code for "the niggas" -- trying to find "Commom Ground" on a redevlopment plan for the city.

Of course any developlment plan that meant retention of Negroes in 9th Ward, well this was ridiculous, as Dennis Hastert told them, "rebuilding that area is a huge waste of taxpayer money"...

So the planet spins about 700 times and to this day they continue with the Fox-delivered meme that was conjured up by think tanks: "People just hate Bush. It's all perosnal. Nothing he does will ever be rigfht with them".

So -- with this latest bullshit news -- I can only imagine the emails that will probably circulate to the Inner Channels: Prob something like: "The pumps were fine; the problem was they hired a bunch of niggas to do the work"

This is the mentality. And I write this with my own sad lament that for over a decade I have tried everything -- all the phases everyone else has gone through, from the eraly "logic and fact" dyas thru the Lakoffian "identify with their values as progressive values" approach -- from slamming them about their extreme ignorance and unAmerican behavior, to ignoring them, to peacemaking, to -- oh I don't even know. Point is, as Lakoff told me himself in 03 "that sector, you cannot reach at all... It's not even worth trying."

I will not be sending this AP article to them, for this is only seen as an act of aggression and Bush-hating. But I am saddened that such a class of people actually believe they are good hearted and Christian -- and if only the rest of the coiuntry and world understood that THEY're not anti-black -- but if only you could live in our shoes for a year, you'd see what it's like living amongst the uneductaed nigs.

All I can think of is one of Paul Shrader's most potent lines written for Robert Deniro in Taxi Driver: "Some day a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the sidewalk" ...

... that would be the white-bread upper crusts. "Good People" with Christian values, and scum too.

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God, it hurts sometimes, (for me at least), to see people that I used to respect and admire being their true selves. I feel so isolated at times, my friends think I think too much, "why do you care?", they ask, "what are you going to do about the things YOU think are so conspiratorial?" I answer back, (wondering the same things over and over again in my head as I read the incredible tale of the dismantling of the country I thought I grew up in), that I would like to drop my entire life, job, home, family, "friends", just chuck it all and start walking to Washington. I live in AZ but I do so enjoy walking. As hard as I have worked for the little I have, I look at the things that give me material comfort and I get a little sick. The ultimate realization that any living creature can endure is to find oneself apart and alone, to find that the principals that one was probably raised here in the U.S. with, i.e., the bible, the constitution, "WE THE PEOPLE"-and all that, are just real good ideas, by men, search a paragraph or two below "All men are created equal" to find the term "other peoples", I guess that the slaves were not men, not even to our vaunted founding fathers. The poor in this nation are the slaves of today, black, white, hispanic, it matters not--as well it shouldn't really. But the poor are the "other peoples" that the founding fathers set up to be less than those deemed by the society of the period as less than human, thusly undeserving of human rights. I guess that humanity has come as far as it will go. The phrase "I'm only human" either doesn't apply, or has become an accepted excuse for mistakes one makes. I think that it is time to start thinking of being more than human. Of being more than the accepted goodness that human ideas tend to falsely portray. Of being better than the bullshit that the bible says, (really, alot of it is bullshit-a mechanism of control of the masses, by few). I think I sound crazy myself. Anyways, I guess I don't know what I will do. I hope to find others like myself, people that are learning the lessons that all the rest of mankind seemingly is unable to grasp: What we have been told is all a lie, God is real he is within all of us. There must be a striking of balance. A greater good must spring forth from the learned perception of goodness that is getting us nowhere. WE HAVE NOT STEPPED ONE FOOT FORWARD SINCE THE DEATH OF CHRIST-lo some 2000 years ago. I guess the biggest fear I have in my life, (mostly for my children and grandkids), is that nothing will ever change. Sorry if I seem like an idiot, it should make me fit right in though huh?

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claims. last time i checked, states hit by katrina weren't doing so well in categories like the health of their children, education, the divide between rich and forgive me if i need to see some numbers supporting your assertion of the miracle of casinos.

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Because nothing is produced there!

Casinos are a lot like oil refineries, except people and their money are what are sucked through the cracking towers.

The profits go into the same pockets, of course.

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

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Why no comment about the connection between Dianne Feinstein's husband (board member of URS) and obtaining the contract to write the specifications of the pumps? Didn't she finally remove herself from the Senate committee that awarded military contruction contracts within the last year for this very same conflict of interest that had been going on for years. It ain't a Bush thing afterall.