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Romney campaign GOVT operation like an IT project run by suits instead of nerds, and so a disaster

A right wing site, but lots of good detail. Totally plausible. Remember, Romney was an asset stripper, not an executive. He'd have no way of straightening this out, or even seeing what happened.

Jeebus, a 60-page PDF on election night? I suppose they expected the volunteers would have their secretaries print it out...


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Then there is Jennifer Tilly lucky. That's the kind of luck Obama has.

Been a shitty president, presiding over a shitty economy, with a shitty track record and coming off a shitty debate performance? No problem, life will send you a hurricane to make you look better, and a competitor who is so fucking incompetent his horrifically expensive campaign can't figure out how to forward a website address or basic credential instructions to their crucial GOTV staff.

You can't make up how fucking incompetent the Romney campaign was. They had this in the bag. I guess that is why you and I agreed weeks ago that it was in the tank for Obama, Romney was just so bad (47%, wah, wah) that it defied credulity. Still, Obama is also terrible, but also, he's lucky. Or, there was an Illuminati-style conspiracy at work within the Romney campaign helping it implode.

James Earl Jones: "That torpedo didn't self-destruct, you heard it hit the hull and I... was never here."

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So this, like all major fails, is going viral and it being called "Project ORCA", virtually ensures headlines that will keep it going.

The favorite so far is "fail whale", soon it should be driving itself up on Obama Beach.

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This seems to be bubbling from from Rs on the ground who are technical. But fraudulent material has bubbled up from exactly that sort of source before (think serifs and birth certificates). I'm getting the vibe from several sources, and it seems reasonable that some clusterfuck happened, but I'm not sure what....

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on what [not] to do. there are plenty of people in this world who are technically and logistically savvy and committed to participatory democracy and who still hold rightwing or conservative views.

that said, i'm still of the opinion that the republican party wasn't out to win the presidency this year, they're happy to push the democrats into further wrecking the economy, so the lackadaisical approach doesn't surprise me.