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Rovian Justice in the Banana Republic of Alabama

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Wow. Go read this if you want to learn just how Rove wants to use the legal system to settle political scores. Of course, I've always felt that Alabama was really a third world banana republic run by the sort of folks who belong in John Grisham novels -- but I digress.

And, apparently, it all would've worked perfectly but Dana Simpson, a Republican, had to open her mouth and blow the whistle. So now the Rovian mafioso-like intimidation begins:

The response to Simpson’s affidavit has been a series of brusque dismissive statements – all of them unsworn – from others who figured in the discussion and the federal prosecutor in the Siegelman case, who has now made a series of demonstrably false statements concerning the matter. She’s been smeared as “crazy” and as a “disgruntled contract bidder.” And something nastier: after her intention to speak became known, Simpson’s house was burned to the ground, and her car was driven off the road and totaled. Clearly, there are some very powerful people in Alabama who feel threatened.

Her case starts to sound like a chapter out of John Grisham’s book The Pelican Brief.

Um, national media? National media where are you? This sounds like something you might want to look into -- perhaps? Maybe?

Wouldn't it be nice if the folks in the national media did their jobs these days? Well someone other than Seymour Hersh of course.

UPDATE I've updated the link to the post in question.

UPDATE 2 Here's my latest update post about the Siegelman case.

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"Wouldn’t it be nice if someone in the national media did their jobs these days?"

They are. They sell products for their sponsors, to simple-minded morons who only care if their favorite celebrity has had a bad day.
What, did you think that the TeeVee (or any other corporate sponsored "news" source) is where you'd find the warming feet of our leaders?
Now that's funny!

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I don't see a link.

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I fixed the link. It's now a permalink to the post in question.

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national news, i dont think so. Paris Hilton just got out of jail and it was so important that paparrazi felt the need to photograph her tinted out escalade thousands of times while simply driving down the freeway as if one picture would be better than another. it would be nice though if the media focused on things that actually have some bearing on actual issues.

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Violent moronic villains are in control of the nation. Nothing ever changes.

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I'm sorry, I guess you didn't get the memo. There is no "news" anymore, it's been replaced by the CCPT (Corporate Controlled Puppet Theater) lead by the likes of Fox "News", CNN & the networks. The news is dead and that sound you hear is Edward R. Murrow spinning in his grave. Welcome to the USCA, the United States of Corporate America.

If you are able to take make the drunken GWB stumble in Alabama for more than 666 meters he will snort a huge rail of cocaine. Then he will proceed to trash his rental unit with great pride in avoiding his military duties...


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No, the national media are still in orgasms over Hilton's travails, the usual American murder-suicides, their belove Scooter's looming jail time, and the liberal Democrat Bloomberg's potential run as an "unaffiliated" presidential candidate. They only just stirred enough to focus on the lawless, uncontainable Dick Cheney, and are bored to tears by the network of scandals and corruption that plague the White House. The politically motivated prosecution of Don Siegelman and Dana Simpson's outspokenness about Rove's hand in it aren't interesting enough--well, at least not enough for them to bother with more criminality by Republicans. Hell, they still haven't fully explored the thicket of crime surrounding Jack Abramoff! Do you think we'd have stopped hearing about this mess if Bush were a Democrat?

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Rove is a fat toad whose rage is channeled into politics, which for many is a substitute for other forms of violence, and it's barely hidden.

And, of course, he'll get away with it. The creatures seem to get away with everything, ultimately at our expense. I get more and more depressed by all this with every passing day.

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Oh, c'mon...this is, after all, Alabama we're talking about here, folks. This is the state that kept George C. Wallace installed as Guberanator for years...way past his expiration date...the man who defied the law in "the schoolhouse door" at the Univ of Alabama. This is the state of Bull Connor, who turned police dogs on demonstrators in Birmingham. This is the state where 4 little girls were killed when Klansmen bombed their church in Birmingham. This is the state where marchers in Selma were brutally beaten by Alabama State Troopers. This is the state where Viola Liuzzo of Detroit was murdered by Klansmen near Selma while helping register black voters. As a descendant of people who founded and settled Alabama in the late 1700s/early 1800s, I've earned the right to sneer at the current crop of hicks, hoods, rednecks and good ol' boys who currently infest the state. The only things about Alabama of which to be proud are two pretty damned good college football teams. Sad, huh.

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just highlighting a common word doesn't really cut it, use the full formed URL for us color blind people (which is a quite a few people actually)

otherwise, great post, thanks!!

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Hey, "abandon ship," what you're missing is that things do change. The Bush crew is much worse, far far worse, than even Nixon's was. And there was nothing remotely criminal in the Clinton administration - at least if you don't believe it should be criminal to defend a young woman's reputation. Your attitude that "Nothing ever changes" is what criminal corruption thrives on. It's your passive acceptance of evil. Too many Americans - especially in the corporate media - take that attitude these days. That's a change. Maybe you aren't old enough to remember better times?

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Thinking that Alabama is a "banana republic" reveals prejudice and bigotry.

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Yes. but the majority of people in this back-ass state are bigots so calling them spades makes sense. Your silly off-topic comment does little to change the fact that the movies like deliverance ring true in da 'bama and stories like this are par for the course in Yee-ol South.. yeeeeeha!
remember, not more than 100 years ago people 'down dere thought slavery was "the way to go" .. hell, most down there still do.

rove is a phuck i will dance on his grave when he dies.

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Rove is a born again violent criminal. What will it take America, an atomic bomb before you wake up?

I heard two DOJ gold badges were shot dead by secret service agents a couple of weeks ago, while trying to serve a subpoena to Cheney. All the msm reported was an accidental weapons discharge in the guard shack-and no follow up story. Sure.

If you are mad, think about how angry people who have powers of arrest must feel. These people must be taken out of our government-they are a clear and present danger to ALL Americans.

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Thank you for pointing out this story. I had missed it. Who needs the national media, we got you.

You mean...someone ran Karen Silkwood off-the-road? You mean...Kerr-McGhee would murder someone? You mean Karl Rove and the Bush administration would order somone--it's a good thing Christopher Dodd doesn't want to impeach Cheney, he might end up in a culvert himself. Maybe that's why he doesn't favor impeachment--he's scared.

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Ummm. The news has been canceled for years now. Duh!

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you gotta love those scumbag republicans. they get away with anything and everything.

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It's scarier to me that people can't read (can't understand?) the first 4 words of a post to find a link.

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They're everywhere, not just Alabama.

Look at the decisions the Bush Court just handed down: For corporations having free speech, against kids having free speech, against the separation of church and state and for giving Christianists my tax dollars... Why, I don't have to be homesick for the ol' plantation any more!

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. -- Mahatma Gandhi

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I worked fairly high in the Florida state government, and left for a bunch of reasons, but because of my position and what I knew I was afraid to stay in the state, so I had filed a grievance and hired an attorney who planned a suit on personnel grounds. It had to go through the Florida Human Rights Commission, and the EEOC first(I referred to the panhandle where I lived in the capital to Baja Alabama by the way) and that usually takes a year. I moved up to NY where a wealthy old friend said I should live and work with him. After a year and a half I finally got permission to sue, but three days later the house burned down in the middle of the night, the owner was killed in the fire, and I was screaming for help on a snow covered roof in the nude. I lost everything. The local arson squad was investigating the fire, but a few days into that they were "relieved" by the feds and a report was promptly issued that said the cause was electrical.

Now I am planning to leave the country. I do not doubt for one minute that people in high places can and do resort to such things when their toes are stepped upon. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it's just a goddamned piece of paper you know.

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I grew up down the street from the Siegelmans. I used to go over to their house and play with their dogs. They were nice people. One of the biggest secrets in Alabama is that Don's wife is Jewish, which means his kids are Jewish. Alabama has come a long way, but in secret.

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Things are getting desperate in BushLand so the Rovenator resorts to Scorched Earth tactics. Not even subtle. Watch out Waxman and others who reveal the truth. They are getting bolder and bolder.

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As In Da Kno says, the corporate media ARE doing their job. The goal of media corporations, like virtually all corporations, is to maximize profit and make their investors happy. Corporate media organizations make money by selling advertising. They must please their advertisers or they lose business. That's the setup, and our complaining about it can't change it. Their allegiance is to corporate profit, not the truth. There certainly are good journalists working in corporate media, but they are working at cross purposes with their own employers, and ultimately cannot succeed.

The corporate media model is intrinsically defective and can't be fixed. The only realistic approach is to junk it all together. It's happening naturally as more and more people realize that the internet and independent media are the way to get real news. Anything we can do to hasten that process, by showing others that they're being duped by the TV news and that the internet is an infinitely better way to learn what's going on in the world, is a good thing. It's no exaggeration to say that the fate of our democratic republic depends on it. Without an informed public, democracy doesn't work.

So here's to Corrente, the bloggers, and the rising world of real news reported by citizens and independent journalists!

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First off....I don't appreciate everyone's cheap shots at the state of Alabama. Only a narrow minded bigots would think that everyone in Alabama is a backwards redneck. Where are you from where everyone is so perfect and without flaws? Secondly...don't judge us based on our leadership. Did you vote for Bush? I didn't think so. I agree these actions are despicable but don't assume we condone this type of behavior.

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News media reporting something newsworthy; get out of here. All news medias are for are ratings. Celeb news is what gives ratings.

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I understand your support of Alabama. I'm from Kansas and get sick of the n'tl media putting us down as rednecks. Kansas, like Bama, are fortunate to have the moral minority at work to rid our country of Bush and his deep criminal network.

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Do you not have enough intelligence to stick to the story without attacking everyone in or from Alabama? You seriously took away from the importance of what you had to say and turned it into, well, typically BS.

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quoted in this update post by Scott Horton on the Harper's site:

The people who brought the case to me and gave me the initial leads I used in it were also zealous Alabama Republicans. (One told me, “I can’t abide Don Siegelman. But to see our courts abused in this way makes me sick. They’ve taken Alabama and turned it into a banana republic. This isn’t what I want for my family and children.”)

And no, my next-door neighbors in Kansas don't live in a Banana Republican state. Heck I live in a much more Banana Republican state than Kansas, your State Board of Education notwithstanding.

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There is a waiting line already - to pee on that grave.

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Wow, if this story is true then one huge mystery story has been solved. Now we finally know where all those strong arm Mafia Types that worked over Youngstown and Pittsburgh area in the forties and fifties have ended up living and pushing people around.
If this is true then I'll bey they have one hell of a funny accent.

I spent some time this morning doing some research into the story. There is always another side.
shows that Simpson DID NOT name Rove and that her statement has been twisted by the media.

I'm not saying that the politicians are clean (my FIL says that being dirty is a requirement for running), but I am saying that conspiracy is rarely the right direction to look.