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Save our scalps!

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One constantly sees people struggling to understand Obama's actions.

How could he do that? Why would he do that? Is he weak? Is he confused? Is he forced to do the wrong thing? Is it 11-dimensional chess?

All this head-scratching must be doing violent damage to Americans' scalps.

And the cure is simple. It's just a matter of understanding this: Obama is a conservative.

Please do what you can to protect other people's scalps — and our own — by sharing this reality-based message far and wide.

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Submitted by Hugh on

I used to use the formulation Blue Dog status quo corporatist. The thing about Obama is that he has been amazingly consistent throughout his Presidency. It is only when you try to mesh his conservative right wing actions with what he says or what people think he said or what people think he should have said as a Democrat that all this needless complication enters in. Wars, contempt for the base, the surveillance state, the assault on Social Security and Medicare, deficit hawkism, bailouts for Wall Street, the healthcare sellout, Guantanamo and the GWOT, free trade, an Administration chock a block with Republicans and Clinton era retreads, this is a very straightforward anti-progressive agenda, no need for any ifs, or ands, or buts.

Submitted by lambert on

If your business model is "fighting conservatives" then the best thing to do is elect one.

Not that it's conscious, but it sure does seem to have played out that way, systemically.

Submitted by gmanedit on

Why would you think that? The two parties, to the extent that they compete, compete for funding from largely the same sources. I would think it's entirely conscious, as they look at their spreadsheets. (Also, you've linked to "The Ratchet Effect" several times.)

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Submitted by vastleft on

So simple, direct, true, and -- as yet -- tragically unthinkable by adherents of both legacy parties.

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Submitted by quixote on

is how I label him. He's only "conservative" because that's what gets you into the treehouse. I'd be surprised if he had any principles. The only consistency I've noticed is a certain icked-outness about sex.

But, hey, look on the bright side. He's not triangulating.

Submitted by quodlibet on

Ah, but he's also a Muslim and a Marxist and an adherent of black liberation theology - and how does this get heard above the name-calling?

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Submitted by vastleft on

It behooves them to do that, because it means his conservative policies get labeled as leftism. Which makes their conservatism look like centrism... and potentially a solution to his FAIL. See "Window, Overton."

It does not, OTOH, behoove a real lefty to ignore or help persist the myth that Obama represents left/liberal/progressive values and policy. And yet few are prepared to get right about it.