If you have "no place to go," come here!

Say "Fuck" proudly!


Our Betters--the VRWC and its cocktail wienie-gobbling shills and whores in our famously free press and the Beltway kakistocracy--are clutching their pearls because, ya know, some bloggers use bad words.

Our Betters built an obscene world. Obscenity is not only a proper, but necessary response to that world. Obscenity denies these evildoers the deference they claim is their due; the deference they still demand from us, and from their Beltway courtiers, sycophants, and enablers.

That's why we say Fuck .

So, which column is more obscene?

Deeds Word
Adulterous and fornicating Republicans spend $20 million investigating somebody else's blowjob. Fuck
Our famously free press gores Gore. Fuck
Jebbie rigs Florida election for Bush with fraudulent felon's list that systematically excludes Democratic voters. Fuck
Beltway Republican operatives shut down Miami recount. Fuck
Republicans steal Florida 2000 with "good for one time only" decision in Bush v. Gore. Fuck
Massive tax cuts for the rich. Fuck
Vacationing Bush receives memo entitled "Bin Laden determined to strike in U.S.", tells briefer "You've covered your ass, now." Fuck
Bin Laden strikes in U.S. on 9/11. Fuck
Falwell, Robertson blame the gays, ACLU, for 9/11. Fuck
"The intelligence and the facts are fixed around the policy." Fuck
"The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa." Fuck
White House Iraq Group plants over 50 pro-Iraq war stories in our famously free press. Fuck
Judy "Kneepads" Miller. Fuck
Republicans use Iraq AUMF as tool to win the midterms. Fuck
Baghdad looted. Fuck
Troops sent into Iraq with no body armor. Fuck
$8.6 billion missing in Iraq. Fuck
50,000 civilian casualties in Iraq. Fuck
Abu Ghraib. Fuck
Cheney tells Pat Leahy "Fuck yourself" on Senate floor. Fuck
Bush commits over 30 felonies in warrantless surveillance program. Fuck
Times suppresses Bush warrantless surveillance scoop until Bush is elected. Fuck
Bush surveills everybody including Aunt Molly. Fuck
Bush surveillance program so huge NSA is running out of electrical power. Fuck
Kerry swiftboated by VRWC operatives. Fuck
Bush takes "softball" questions from former male escort, frequent White House guest, "Jeff Gannon." Fuck
*Mark Foley (R-Neverland) to teen page: "Don't forget to measure for me." Fuck
*Republicanimals Fuck
Bush bans Democrats from all campaign rallies. Fuck
Republicans manipulate 2004 elections with terror alerts. Fuck
Bush bans Democrats from all Social Security bamboozlepalooza rallies. Fuck
Katrina. Fuck
*Broderella can't stop sniffing Hillary's panties Fuck
*Dick "Dick" Cheney shoots friend in the face, goes home, has drinks and dinner, gets around to releasing the story in, oh, a day or so. Story promptly dies. Fuck
Republicans gut the Geneva convention. Fuck
Republicans "legalize" torture. Fuck
Republicans gut habeas corpus. Fuck
Republicans hold at least 10,000 in European gulags. Fuck
Republicans use signing statements to rewrite laws. Fuck
Bush will keep us in Iraq even if only Barney and Laura agree with Him. Fuck
Cheney contines to avoid impeachment. Fuck
Bush continues to avoid impeachment. Fuck

Readers, did I miss anything? I mean, WTF?

UPDATE Bienvenue, mon general!

UPDATE * How could I forget these?

UPDATE See here for a subsequent version with more but, oddly, asterisked naughty words.

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Frankly, I think you've done a fucking awesome job of summing up the fucking catastrophe that the republicunts have turned our government/country into. Mazel Tov! That's French for "fucking awesome job, dude!"

Submitted by [Please enter a... (not verified) on

"if you can't say fuck, you can't say fuck the government".

keep watchin' the skies...

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Favorite bumpersticker seen on a car in L.A.:

Tinfoil Hat Boy's picture
Submitted by Tinfoil Hat Boy on

Fuck with me and you fuck with the whole trailer park.

Ix-nay on the Urge-say.

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Submitted by admin on

I'm pleased with that one.

It may be even better payback than ant-Democrat....

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Monsieur Lambert:

Loved you in the "Highlander" series.

You know I was a bit reticent about uttering obscenities, as I would like to have civil discourse whenever possible, but, on reflection I realized that we're dealing with pus-gutted, closetedhomohomphobic, chicken hawk cocksuckers. So, I guess the odd, "fuck" or two is okay.

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I laughed so hard I think I just put my back out.

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Submitted by scarshapedstar on

Might it be time for Republican't to go public?

But I still believe
And I will rise up with fists!!

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"America, fuck yeah! Comin' again to save the motherfuckin' day-yeah! America, fuck yeah! Freedom is the only way, now. Terrorists your day is through. 'Cause now you have to answer to America, Fuck yeah!"

*sung in the minor key, when the team is squabbling.

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Dick "fuck" Cheney shoots hunting partner in face; doesn't tell anybody; partner apologizes.

Now we're dealing with Scooter Fuckin' Libby and Dick Fuckwad Cheney.
I just hope we're not going to keep using the word in this context:
"When are the fuckin' Democrats gonna impeach these fuckin' sons-of-bitches?!"

Submitted by [Please enter a... (not verified) on

Hifuckinglarious.take that you fucking fucks, you, you refuckinpublifuckingcans, you cheese dicked fucks can take a flying fuck at a rolling fucking donut.
rooty toot toot
roooty toot toot
we are the boys from the institute
we don't drink we don't chew,
maybe just a backdoor
our class won the bible.

Drinking my morning coffee and thinking of ways to unleash my favorite word I love this-laughing is good.

Fuck with me and you fuck with the whole trailer park.Submitted by Tinfoil Hat Boy on Thu, 2007-02-08 18:06.

That is fucking funny.

**NOTE: This comment is by Maddy. Xan just snuck into the Secret Editing Chamber to fix a forgotten close-bold tag. Sorry Maddy, I hate to tamper with other people's work but it was making the rest of the page look goofy.

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My boss just announced today that the new company motto is, "Fuck it, let's do it!"

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This is the definitive blog post on this subject.

I (one-finger) salute you!

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For the first time in my life, I feel loved. Thank you liberal/progressive blogs for giving my life meaning.


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"Readers, did I miss anything? I mean, WTF?

Ken Blackwell(Ohio Sec.of State)does the same fucking thing as Jeb did in 2000 in 2004,but he does it in spades,and delivers Ohio to Bush for four more fucking years.FUCK.

"Someday,all those cocksuckers will get caught."
Frank Zappa--on hearing that Jimmy Swaggart was busted with a hooker at the Texas Motel

Edwards disappointed me when he didn't say "Fuck you, they're mine and I'm keepin' 'em." What a weenie - "I'm uncomfortable with some of what they said." At least he kept 'em. That's more than could be said for about all the rest of those fuckless fruitcakes in the race so far. I'll stick with Edwards unless Howard Dean jumps in.

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I sure do miss Abby Hoffman saying "fuck the government"

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To blatantly thieve a phrase from Bono, "fookin' brilliant." Do not pass go, do not pay a $500,000 fine to the FCC. (Fuckin' Communications Cunts...)