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Self-organization in WI

AP has some very good detail that people should remember when they implement [#173] -- like lots of hand cleaner and toothpaste, for example. (Sanitation was also an issue in Tahrir Square.) It's also evident that the University of Wisconsin Teaching Assistants are bringing a lot of skill to the mix, showing, if it needed showing, that it's never a smart thing for the ancien regime to produce cohorts of highly educated young people, and then structure the economy so they have no jobs, or shit jobs.

But what's really evident in the self-organizing story is AP's inability to come to grips with what the story really is. The headline reads: "Group of volunteers leading Wis. protest efforts." Well, yeah, volunteers. That's not surprising, no? (This is not a kabuki "bourgeois riot," after all.) And then there's that word, "leading," that sneaks in, right out of the "Executive Leadership" section of every airport bookstore in the country. The point of the story is that the protests are democratic, not that they have "leaders" who can be singled out, given their fifteen minutes of fame, and then bought off and/or destroyed (see under "access bloggers"). If nobody's essential, then everybody's essential, and the movement is a lot harder to destroy....

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and all that has been done to make it into a living space (with a discussion of the lack of a "leader" and how Egypt inspires the people there) can be seen here.

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NOTE BDBlue, for now, check the "Use old embed code" box. Also, I wonder if the AP reporter wrote the story off the video. That would explain why he only mentions the pizzas, and not Ian's place. Lazy.

UPDATE And RL calls me, but if somebody could read this and post anything noteworthy on logistics or self-organization in comments...

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The police have told folk they have to vacate the capitol tomorrow. Let's hope the people don't go. Saw the above segment on Democracy Now yesterday.. Goddess bless Amy Goodman.

And a big kudos to those in LaCrosse who took the offensive position this week. This is what labor should be doing all across the land instead of playing defense from a lose/lose position. A thirty plus year assault on labor with renewed vigor from a fascist tea-governor is a terrible thing to waste.
Madison - University of Wisconsin-La Crosse faculty voted in favor of union representation Thursday, according to a news release issued by the American Federation of Teachers. The vote was 249 to 7 in favor of union representation. It came as the Wisconsin Legislature was working on Gov. Scott Walker's budget-repair bill. Walker's bill would reverse a 2009 measure that extended the right to collectively bargain to UW faculty and staff