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Sequestration today-uh, sequestration tomorrow-uh, sequestration forev-uh! A Modest Proposal.

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According to Alabama senators Jefferson Sessions and Richard Shelby, the U.S. government does not create jobs, and that taxpayers "hear warnings of a debt crisis and yet learn that we still borrow nearly $4 billion a day. They send their tax dollars to Washington on the hope those dollars will be wisely guarded and then discover that those dollars have been lost and wasted and abused."

They know whereof they speak, because one of the most flagrant violators of federal budget waste, fraud, and abuse has been the state of Alabama. According to, Alabama receives $1.66 of federal tax dollars for every dollar their citizens contribute to pay off our onerous national debt. With dead weight like the state of Alabama holding the rest of the nation back and adding $4 billion to the national debt ever single live long day, it's no wonder we're running deficits.

The U.S. Census Statistical Abstract notes that Alabama contributes $54.7 billion, that's billion with a B, to our national debt every year, and that $12.3 billion with a B of that is on wasteful and unnecessary defense line items. Items like Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base and Fort Rucker in Alabama's second congressional district, Anniston Army Depot in Alabama's third congressional district, and Redstone Arsenal in Alabama's fifth congressional district.

As we have learned from Senators Jeff Sessions And Richard Shelby, these wasteful line items don't create jobs in Alabama. By sending deficit reduction heroes Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby to the senate, Alabama voters have said they don't want these wasteful line items. And since our national defense budget is larger than all other countries in the entire world, combined, we clearly don't need these wasteful line items.

The time has come to make tough decisions, and when it comes to wasteful line items Iike the military bases in Alabama, which duplicate the services of military bases in states that, unlike Alabama, pull their own weight in federal tax dollars, Alabama's citizens have sent a clear signal: our country and Alabama's august senators simply cannot afford to be sentimental.

Alabama's Senators need to stand strong in this hour of shared sacrifices. They cannot continue their longstanding practice of being weak on defense by mollycoddling the defense contractors that are burning holes in the national debt, right in Alabama's second, third, and fifth congressional districts. Alabama's citizens cannot continue to live with the shame and hypocrisy of blowing $1.66 in federal deficit handouts on needless line items like the government facilities that take jobs away from Alabama's taxpayers, when those taxpayers have clearly chosen to only pay $1.00.

Senator Jefferson Sessions and Richard Shelby should be courageous against the naysayers and spendthrifts who argue against these necessary deficit reduction measures. They should sponsor separate legislation to accomplish this by eliminating Maxwell-Gunter AFB, Anniston Army Depot, Fort Rucker, and Redstone Arsenal, today. Call their offices now to show your support in eliminating these unproductive special interest line items. Who better than Senator Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby to get this accomplished? If they don't, those tax-and-spend liberals in Congress will force Alabama to take $2.00, $3.00, or even $1000 in federal tax dollars for every dollar it pays in federal taxes. And what scoundrel wants to double or triple their money by fleecing hardworking Americans? Real Americans are tired of paying for Alabama's wasteful, fraudulent, and abusive pork barrel tax expenditures. With courageous leadership against deficit spending, Senator Jeff Sessions and Senator Richard Shelby can fix this problem.

The Right Honorable Jeff Sessions

The Right Honorable Richard Shelby

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