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Shocker: ObamaCare a Trojan horse for privatization

Arkansas Times:

The feds have given Arkansas permission to pursue a plan that would provide private health insurance to anyone between 0-138 percent of the federal poverty level, giving coverage to more than 200,000 of the currently uninsured. The government would pay for the entirety of the premium, though consumers might be subject to some co-pays.

Beebe brought questions and ideas from legislators to his meeting with Sebelius and "basically they've agreed to give us about everything we've asked for," he said. "What that really amounts to is take the Medicaid population that would be expanded...and use those federal Medicaid dollars and purchase insurance through the exchange. So they would buy private insurance through the exchange for the entire population, and [the feds have] given us permission to do that."

This isn't "partial expansion." The full pool of folks that would gain coverage under full expansion of Medicaid would still get it. But Arkansas is the first state to publicly get a deal that accomplishes this not via the Medicaid program but via the exchange (Florida will be allowed to send some Medicaid recipients to private insurance through their managed care system).

Yes, dear friends, ObamaCare really is a gigantic scheme to pay out public money to the private health insurance companies.*

And soon as the Republican governors get their heads around the deal Obama is actually offering, they’ll be all for it, as Arkansas now is. And so the former slave states still set the policy baseline, and Obama is happy to let them do it. Thanks, Obama supporters, "progressives." We owe you a solid.

NOTE * That is, it's a market state solution; the role of the state is to distribute rents to private enterprises.

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