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Shorter Max Baucus: It would be UnAmerican to learn from another country.

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Baucus says he will lead effort to overhaul nation's health care system

The Montana Democrat said he will not support a system in which the government covers all consumers equally, a system typically known as "single payer.''

"We are Americans; we're different from Canada, we're different than the United Kingdom,'' he said Friday in referring to nations with some form of single-payer health care funded by the government. "We have to come up with a uniquely American solution, probably a combination of private and public coverage.''

Typical corporatist, predating upon people's nationalism to divert them from their best interest.

Baucus is popular with Montana Democratic bloggers who embrace his style of health care defeatism.

As chair of the Finance Committee Baucus is a huge stumbling block. We should bear in mind that in 1960 JFK did NOT run on a civil rights platform and that the Senate committees were all chaired by southerners. We passed civil rights anyway. Hope you New Yorkers are planning to participate in the Nov. 13 Demonstration. Schumer is on the Finance Committee, and Clinton is on the HELP Committee, so visible support from NY is critical.

I am going to have to reread Hubert Humphrey's Education of a Public Man to see how he got the Civil Rights bill out of committee and past the filibuster.

We are going to have to make the insurance industry look like Bull Connor, so please consider adopting a parasite, no one is asking you to step in front of a firehose.

There will be a Health Care Hearing in Montana this Tuesday, let's see if we can Persuade CSPAN to cover it.

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and his veto of SCHIP, he vetoed it because he doesn't believe in Socialized medicine. When will we speak the obvious, blatant in Bush's veto because our future, children, are the primary recipients, and almost blatant in Baucus's veto, because it involves our Current position: PEOPLE DIE BECAUSE OF WHAT POLITICIANS BELIEVE IN. It is the great realization of my adulthood: PEOPLE DIE BECAUSE OF WHAT POLITICIANS BELIEVE IN

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Since royalty and other leaders are and were politicians too. People have always died in one way or another because of the beliefs of the leaders.

In some cases, even the leaders themselves died because of what they believed in.

So, it's very important to know what the aspiring leaders REALLY believe, not what they say. They will say anything, but they can possibly be figured out by what they do.

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adopt a parasite, link to the great work at PNHP and Guaranteed Health Care, and after that I start running short of ideas. Demonstrations are important, even if you can't go, we can help publicize them.

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