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Site relaunch (1)

[UPDATE I added a link to a video at the bottom of the post.]

Now that the election is over and I am done with Campaign Countdown (at least for awhile)--

And even though I have not yet cleaned out my man cave --

Here is an image (click to see a larger version) of a (well, the) redesigned Corrente. I'll be creating videos for edification and instruction, so I won't go through the details here, but the basic concept is to make Corrente the best place to create content in the blogosphere, bar none.

Corrente Relaunch

Some would say that Corrente already is the best place to create content on the web -- and certainly this community punches far about its weight in terms of propagating ideas and getting reposted -- but there are many improvements that can be made, including new content types like logo art, incident reports, and products, and better integration with twitter and Facebook.

UPDATE Here is a video.

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Submitted by athena1 on

This is, like, Class War activist utopia.

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Submitted by twig on

I can't wait to experiment with it.

One thing - where's Shop Left? The tussock moth caterpillar slippers aren't going to sell themselves!

Submitted by lambert on

I am folding that functionality into Corrente proper. I don't have the bandwidth to run two sites -- although I learned a huge amount technically from that site.

I don't think that users are going to wreck the brand, though there might be moderation issues.

Submitted by hipparchia on

i really, really, really like all the changes you've made.

i used to dislike the 'fat footer' construction when i first started seeing it at other blogs, but i do think it's going to work out better than having two sidebars.

one thing, if it's not too hard to change... the line that starts out 'send author a message ___ reads ...' - can the spacing between the items be improved a little? from here it looks like you're supposed to click on the twitter bird to submit spam, for instance. speaking of spam, not sure i like the phrase 'submit spam' - maybe change it to 'flag as spam' or something like that?

there's no 'my blog'? is that replaced by 'my posts'?

thanks for the picture captions. i'm looking forward to finding out where some of the places i've seen in the header are in real life.

Submitted by lambert on

... because of the annotation tool, and may end up different on the real site.

Anyhow, I've improved the contact form to allow submission of bug reports, so closer launch....

Submitted by hipparchia on


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Submitted by Alexa on

you say "live tweet"--does that mean that any time that we "tweet" a blog from Corrente, that it shows up there? Of, is this for only incoming Tweets. [Some of us, like me, are tech novices.]

So, I haven't a clue what that function does. But it sounds good! :D

Submitted by lambert on

For future documentation....

1. The sidebar box contains tweets in. The same box also allows you to tweet out. The "tweets in" is fitlered by tag, e.g. #ows. If the tweet out contained the same tag, .e.g. #ows, then it should shortly show up in twieets in.

2. There will also be a tweet button at the bottom of every post, and

3. A field to enter a tweet when you create content (more of a one-step thing than going to the separate button in #2.

This is dependent on your having a twitter account and adding your twitter account name in your user profile.

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Submitted by okanogen on

Goes without saying and I know for me it has been too long.

So when does this launch? Will it automatically go to mobile if you are on a device? Will it auto scale the width to the width of your browser window, rather than your entire screen width (so that, in windoze, if you have your start bar vertical on the left or right border, the new wider widths will be sized so everything is on screen)? Will it replace Lambert, Lambert, Lambert, Lambert with the archive names for each month in the right-most veritcal menu bar?

It's probably an issue on my mobile browser (Dolphin, Android Google), but when I would go to post a comment, the first field, the comment title, would always fill in with my user id. Then when you first hit "post", it would go to the preview view and rewrite what you have in the comment bar with your user id again and you would have to correct that.

Submitted by lambert on

In fact I'd like to cut over on the weekend, although that takes a lot of work.

1. The theme I have used is "adaptive" and based on a highly regarded library, and shoud be able to adapt to mobile devices. That was one of my goals, and generational -- those bright young people at occupy are using cells, and we need to be able to bring Corrente to them. That said, I don't own a cell and I should probably figure out a way to get one so I can test the design on iit without getting sucked into their data mining operations.

2. You surmise correctly that I have held off on the fundraiser until the upgrade iis done (and in a real high wire act for me). But soon!

3. I would like to do the cut over soon, perhaps this coming weekend. I figure if people can do basic posting I can tweak the rest. It's a HUGE task, though. We have 36,000+ posts.....

NOTE Yes, lambert lambert lambert will go away! It's a really stupid bug I finally figured out, but there's no point investing in fix it, or rather, the fix is the upgrade....

Submitted by lambert on

I'll installl the module and see if it works (and I hope you'll be willing to test).

Often, however, drupal modules that promise connectivity to social media sites make the assumption that only one account is going to use the social media service. That doesn't work real well for a community blog....

UPDATE The module I tried only works for one account. I will keep poking around.