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Site relaunch (6) with search brag

One reason I wanted better search tools is that I couldn't find anything in our massive back catalog, either with the existing site tool, or with Google.

So I was looking for the live blog we did back in 2010 with Dr. Margaret Flowers. Three Google searches, nada. A million hits, but not the one I wanted. So then I remembered, and went over to the new site, and found the post I wanted on the first screen with one search.

And as an added fillip, every search has a URL that you can share!

So, full of win!

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Submitted by hipparchia on

i am really really really looking forward to this feature. really.

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Submitted by CMike on

how you do what you're doing but the whats, all by themselves, are pretty impressive; your site has powers and abilities far beyond those of other blogs.

But, now that you mention it, for many months I have not been able to get the Corrente search engine to work at all. Instead, when I try to track down something I've read here I just look through the poster's "most recent blog entries" or, when I'm looking for a comment thread I've participated in, almost invariably I can find it with the "My comments" page, though there have been a few instances when, for some reason, my comments in a particular thread never do show up indexed there. [For instance, my comments for Athena1's Messaging discussion post aren't listed in my "My comments" page.] At that point I've had a lot of luck using Google when I've included "site: Corrente dot com" in the search field.

Submitted by lambert on

The Drupal 6 search tool just sucks even when it is working. And at 37,000 posts, I think the site challenges it.

The relaunched site uses a very well-regarded search engine called Apache Solr, so I expect all these stupid problems to go away (to be replaced by new problems, as is always the way....)

That said, your issues with those menu items are due to another piece of software, and it too has been upgraded and replaced. No doubt there will be a shakedown period....

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Submitted by Cujo359 on

Took two steps, but I found the link via DuckDuckGo (DDG) in two steps. First, DDG had this as the first link, where letsgetitdone asked "Where is the live blog?" (pretty high score on relevance grounds, I think). Search string was " Margaret Flowers live blog 2010". That in turn, led here.

DDG searches yield far fewer results than Google's, but in most cases I prefer that. Plus, DDG doesn't record your searches, or tailor them to what it thinks your interests might be. The link I left for DDG is the one I normally use, which is both encrypted and free of Javascript.

Anyway, it's great that the new site's search box works. I quickly discovered the old one was useless, and stopped using it a long time ago.

Submitted by lambert on

... that no external service provides, is the ability to filter the search result by facets like author, date, tags, etc. That's important when you've got a back catalog as large as ours.

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Submitted by Cujo359 on

I wish I had such a thing on Blogger. Many is the time I've wanted to be able to combine a couple of keywords, then search for a word or string. Clicking on keywords like "Barack Obama" or "progressives" ensures hours of no doubt pleasurable ;-) reading, but probably won't get you the article you're looking for without a fight.