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Site relaunch (7)

[Readers, I'm sticking this too, partly so you aren't surprised at the relaunch, but also so you can start thinking about opportunities. --lambert]

Some of you have said that you wanted to be able to sell artwork or crafts or books, and a seed exchange is an old idea that we've never implemented. So I created a product content type to do that. You can play with the original at Cat Plane Playhouse; and below are some annotated screen shots.



I imagine these images are self-explanatory.... This is a small-scale implementation and Corrente is not a full-fledged store, so there are some limitations: No shopping cart, and no credit cards, for example. But I think this implementation should be OK for one off sales, and if there are ways to improve it, I would like to know. I shouldn't be the only one to make a little money here!

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Submitted by Jay on

For several reasons. I would love to:

1. Buy/sell with like-minded, conscientious people
2. Know my money isn't supporting rentiers, global labor arbitrageurs, or the California senate campaign of a certain online auction site's conservative CEO.
3. Support hand crafted us-made goods directly from the maker/farmer/reconditioner.
4. Have a venue that is funded with a per-item fee, and on an as-sold basis, rather than an upfront cost. That would mitigate risk to the seller and give them at least a national market, as well as generate revenue for Corrente.

Submitted by lambert on

I want it to generate gifts for Corrente; I don't want to the middleman taking a cut; that's why there's no shopping cart, because that is the business model behind them.

And yes, all the money is flowing to the people who really need it, but as in any business endeavor, we'd have to connect to the market... but I'm hoping the ability to repost, and also the social media tools, will help with that.

And since I'll have it launched in time for the Christmas season....

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Submitted by Jay on

I don't think people using this would object to a nominal charge with the understanding that it provides site upkeep. A lot of sellers complain about the fees on a large online auction site; they have investors and a for profit model that requires ever-increasing ways to divert cash flow away from users and into their pockets. But . . . Experiment. I haven't donated to much of anyone lately because, eek. But this would be a nice way for me to get my feet wet in commerce by moving some useful stuff as well as supporting the venue that provides me that opportunity, a site I happen to like a lot.

Submitted by lambert on

I do think I would like to have the average Correntian put something up for sale, trade, or gift every so often. For example, I'd really like to see a seed exchange. (There is a parallel moderation/community sanction issue, as there are some sorts of seeds that are not legal to sell -- international sales for example. But in some ways a gift relation could make that cleaner; perhaps people are less willing to piss in the well if the water is free, eh?)

I wouldn't mind setting up some sort of subscription model for additional, more business-like functionality. The difficulty/opportunity here is that this is really not an e-commerce site. ALL the commerce packages (and there are good ones) conceive of sites as stores with a single owner through whose account all the transactions pass. But I don't want to be in the middle like that. This is a community blog and so transactions be under the control of the individual like a mall and not a store. (And the recoding of the existing commerce modules to meet this requirement is beyond my skill; there have been many requests to in essence be able to clone Etsy, which I would love to do, and it keeps not happening. Therefore it's hard.) In consequence, the functionality that I imagine most business owners would want, like shipping calculations, and credit card payments, and inventory management, are not available. So I am not sure what would be subscribed to. But perhaps potential subscribed really care about something else, I don't know what, perhaps more content-related....