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So, can I walk on a floor painted with oil-base paints after 12 hours?

In my bare feet?

Or do I have to wait the full 24 hours until I can put a second coat on to walk on it?

NOTE Sheesh, CD, couldja put up a post like that when I'm not about to go to bed?

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Submitted by herb the verb on

If you want paint on your feet and footprints on your floor then yes, otherwise no.

Sorry about that, oil-based paints take forever to cure. Plus they are very tempermental between coats in terms of hand (and feet) oils.

Also, the more thinner you added the longer it will take since that has to volatilize off.


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Submitted by bringiton on

You can walk on it if it’s dry.

Hope that helps.

Bare feet, not so good; body oils will impair the adhesion of the second coat. Nylon socks are best.

The sheen should change significantly when it dries enough to walk on, you have to lie down and look across it. If it still looks wet, it is.

How long to dry depends on temp and air circulation. Warm and plenty of air, you can walk on it - soft and gentle in nylon socks - after 12 hours or so. Cool and stagnant, could take a lot longer. Myself, I'd touch it in an out of the way place like along a wall just as you come into the room, and see what it feels like. If you leave a smudge, the second coat will cover it.

As to your other issue, best of luck with that. I'm sticking with squirrel recipes.

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Submitted by LuigiDaMan on

I live in a house about to be two centuries old. I know of what I speak.

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Submitted by Uncle Alice on

but it depends on the humidity how soon you can walk on it. I think Luigi's got the right answer,(24hrs.) but test it out before you prance around naked.See, us newbies are good for something. And we love you all. Cheers! (And gentle on the floor even though its dry for 3 days)

Submitted by lambert on

Walked on it after 20 hours, no problem. Everything is good! Now to put on the final coating of Zinsser B-I-N-N-S primer!

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