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So, "Obot" isn't such a misnomer after all

Yes, "OBOT" US dehumanizing, but what do you do with people who voluntarily dehumanize themselves? Give this horrible video a listen:

Watch The Digital Campaign on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

On the bright side, if you are approached by a Robama or an Obomney volunteer, you know now that they are reading a script, tailored from what they believe they know about you, based on what they've been able to datamine from FaceBook and whatever other private information they've been able to purchase on the open market (and I very much wonder if that includes credit ratings and medical history).

In other words, anything any Obama or Romney activist tells you is Orwellian bullshit, automatically generated by software back at campaign headquarters. Pay it no mind.

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First of all he is NOT registered as an independent or non-affiliated. Virginia does not register by party. Now that is a very common error, many otherwise well informed Virginians think they are registered by their party, but they are not. Neither do voter registration rolls show race, for what must be very obvious reasons.

Furthermore, I cannot believe that Virginia's privacy laws prevent Aristotle Inc. from showing Sreenivasn his own file. And really, I can't believe that Sreenivasn was so gullible that he did not think to double check that with an elections lawyer. Sheesh.

As for the 500 data points of information, most of that is accurate, or Aristotle and the other firms would be out of business. But a significant about of that data is inaccurate, as any one who has ever done phone banking and/or door knocking can tell you. I guarantee you, many of those Obama volunteers have been sent out with talking points for what they were told was a single mom who cared about the environment only to find someone who cared about some other issue entirely. Or wose, that the single mom is a single dad, because even the gender is not always correct.

And if Sreenivasm did not limit his sources to the appointed experts, he would know all this. The local Democratic committees in Northern Virginia are some of the best organized grassroots committees in the country. It is also home to some of the worlds best data base managers, so there would be plenty of local sources to clue him into the problem of flawed date. Also known as GIGO. But people like Sreenivasn only talk to the top people or whoever the top people refer them to. They do not maintain their own sources among the worker bees. It is like covering a war by only talking to the generals when everyone knows that armies are run by their sargents.