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So, where did the US nuclear submarine collide with the Japanese oil tanker?

041025-N-0780F-081In the Straits of Hormuz. (Sorry, missed that one Monday.) Whoopsie:

The Japanese Transport Minister is demanding more information after a US nuclear-powered submarine collided with a Japanese oil tanker near the busy shipping lanes of the Straits of Hormuz on Monday night.

A spokesman for Japan's Foreign Ministry said the USS Newport News collided with the stern of the Japanese tanker, Mogamikawa.

No-one had been seriously hurt and there was no spillage of oil or nuclear fuel as a result of the incident, the officials added.

My goodness! What could a submarine have been doing there?

Well, given that the USS Newport News is a Los Angeles class submarine, we can guess:

They carry about 25 torpedo-tube launched weapons. Any boat of this class may launch a Tomahawk cruise missile from its horizontal torpedo tubes. The last 31 boats of this class also have 12 vertical launch tubes specifically for the purpose of launching Tomahawks.

Somehow, I don't think Admiral Fallon will be too pleased with this. In his first week on the job as head of Central Command, and all.

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