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So why does Obama cut the middleman out for student loans, but not for health care?

Down with Tyranny:

Friday's Washington Post explained it beautifully, pointing out that by directly giving the student loans to students and cutting out the greedy middlemen ... Obama saves the taxpayers $47.5 billion over the next ten years and, at the same time, helps far more students-- two factors that aren't exactly McKeon goals. Since the government assumes all the default risk, there is no reason at all to involve the finance companies.

So, why not cut out the "greedy middlemen" in the health insurance industry too?

Just as the student loan companies were collecting "rents," so are the insurance companies. It's all about the fees, baby!

So why not get rid of them, for exactly the same reasons? Well, except for saving a hell of a lot more money, and thousands of lives. There is that.

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