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So, why not a jubilee year?

After a long and intereresting post, Steve Keen concludes

The only sure road to recovery is debt abolition—but that will require defeating the political power of the finance sector, and ending the influence of neoclassical economists on economic policy. That day is still a long way off.

Or not.

In a highly-stressed complex system, small changes can create large shifts.


Submitted by jawbone on

thing to happen in a Western nation. It's difficult enough to get any consideration for Third World nations facing ruin due to banksters enabling their authoritarian leadership to gain personal wealth on the backs of their people. But, say, here in the USofA? Anathma. (Does that "A" now stand for Austerianism?)

Who do we have who would lead such the government to such actions? There are no Huey Longs around anymore to goose the moderates into paying attention to the needs of the great non-uberwealthy masses.