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I could do a genre critique, but later for that. How does this video fit in a context of solidarity?

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This isn't ugly or awful, just a demonstration of healthy diversity of tactics. What, don't you want to end capitalism?

Lighten up and get with the program.

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Still demonizing your perceived opponents, i see. I won't speak for ChePasa, but no matter that i said - over and over - that i wasn't advocating for violence, you have to insist that i was.

This is because you can't answer questions about your beliefs, isn't it? So because you haven't thought your own ideology through well enough to defend it, the only tactic you have left is to demonize anyone who doesn't unquestioningly share your beliefs, and exactly those beliefs. Note the word "belief"; if you can't calmly discuss your views with someone who doesn't even oppose them, simply has honest questions about them, then they're not the product of rational thought. They're beliefs just like the religious kind.

Please keep swinging the truncheon of liberal open-mindedness. It's very becoming.

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I don't see where I said anything about you here. At all.

I'm not insisting you advocate violence. In fact, I'll say I don't think you advocate violence. Neither does ChePasa. I don't know if that is going to satisfy, but....

Regarding "Haven't thought my own ideology through well enough to defend it"? Well, I'm not sure what I need to defend against here, especially if we supposedly agree so, uh, ok. Whatever.

Anyway, let me know if this comment is in the right thread. I would like to "calmly discuss my views with someone who doesn't even oppose them". That is if you think I'm even capable of that, let alone "rational thought". A charge which is also "very becoming".

But what exactly do you want to discuss? Since we are already in agreement, I'll say for others the following: I think violence and vandalism are stupid, counter-productive, ugly, not something I want my 8-year old to experience first-hand, not something my 84-year old grandmother in law is interested in experiencing first-hand (though she desperately wanted to go to the first Occupy here, only prevented by her broken hip issues), inherently divisive, coercive, often misogynistic and has no obvious purpose beyond intimidation and the imposition of personal power within the (whatever) movement itself. That would be on the supposed "effect" side, on the recruitment side, it offers self-aggrandizement and self-pleasure to those inclined to violence and/or vandalism.

Has anybody at all offered anything beyond self-justifying theory and pointing to the violence of the state as a benefit of violence and or vandalism? Anything at all?

So no, I am not "violence-curious", and I don't need to be lectured about "the violence of society" since that is a fucking given (that a six-year old knows to quote Lambert). I see no benefit, I am told no realistic benefit, and hence feel that no benefit is actually forthcoming.