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Solidarity in OH

UDPATE 4:13PM Dan sends pix from inside the OH capitol.

UDPATE 2:17PM Dan sends more pix (the ones he could not tweet).

Via mail, dan_ps wrote:

I'll be going to the rally in Columbus tomorrow [#38] courtesy of the Cuyahoga county Democratic party (they're chartering a bus).

Thanks to the local Ds there, and here's hoping they can straighten out the national.

So, the tweets that you see in the sidebar [#180] are dan updating us, in real time, on today's rally in Columbus against Governor Kasich's union-busting legislation there.

Readers, will you please post OH updates in comments? Dan is also tweeting many phone numbers to call, legislative updates, keeping us current in all ways, and hopefully sending us more images!

NOTE Dan sends me this picture of Marcia Fudge (OH-11) thanking the bus drivers.

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Submitted by jawbone on

Well, that sounds like a homegrown approach, eh? What, no R's in Wisconsin could get it together to do this?

Date: February 22, 2011
The Government Accountability Board has received campaign registration statements for the recall of eight Wisconsin State Senators, filed by American Recall Coalition in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The districts and Senators are:

• District 4 – Senator Lena Taylor
• District 6 – Senator Spencer Coggs
• District 12 – Senator Jim Holperin
• District 16 – Senator Mark Miller
• District 22 – Senator Robert Wirch
• District 24 – Senator Julie Lassa
• District 26 – Senator Fred Risser
• District 30 – Senator Dave Hansen

The registrations were filed electronically between February 18 and 21. American Recall Coalition must file paper copies of the registration statements. Those registration statements also must contain the names and signatures of one qualified elector from each of the Senate districts, something the initial electronic registrations did not contain. (My emphasis)

Link gives timelines for recall elections. I hope the state will have them all at once. might save money....

Via DKos diary by Kodiak54, from list of WI Lefty Blogs courtesy of DCBlogger.
Well, the "group" in Utah is a rightwing talkshow host.

...a right-wing, Internet-based talk show host who's heavy into fighting any kind of amnesty for undocumented immigrants, and who -- get this -- recently filed a recall petition in Arizona against Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik. The sheriff is another Democrat who -- after Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and others were shot last month in Dupnik's jurisidiction -- had harsh words for talk show hosts and others engaging in hateful and violent speech. Yes, free speech for Democrats is grounds for removal from office, if you've the blunt ideology of a typical right-wing bloviator.

Here's how the Salt Lake Tribune reports this.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

JoeRitchey on Twitter:

Message to govs. Walker and Kasich it was a union that brought down the Soviet Union. Do you really want this fight?

Submitted by jawbone on

against WI protesters!

Via Commenter cbl in post on Big 10 states labor issues at FDL.

Mother Jones caught the tweet and tracked down identity of the tweeter who was using a personal Twitter account.

There's some serious maladjustment on the right of the political spectrum in this nation. And, this lawyer, this officer of the state, didn't realize the web never forgets? Whoa, that's the kind of anger that really cuts off rational thinking....

Submitted by lambert on

Making a commitment to NV strategic. On the one hand, we've got an outpouring of people sending pizzas. On the other, we've got an officer of the state advocating bullets. Let's maintain that contrast... And remember, also, that both parties have very incentive to blur it.

Submitted by jawbone on

it was like a breath of fresh air to hear a politician being straight forward and direct in terms of what she and the other Dem senators were doing and how she expressed their objectives.

It was remarkably different from what we hear from Obama and the DC Dem politiicans.

Re: making NV strategic, when the Tea Partiers announced they were going to be in Madison over the weekend, I recall reading or hearing that the anti-Walker legislation protesters wore signs on their backs encouraging nonviolent behavior.

Hearing that Walker thought about putting plants in to make the protesters look bad by behaving badly -or violently?-- is right out of, well, Hosni Mubarek's playbook...

But bad as Walker is, we know where he stands, that he does not have our backs or our interests in mind at all. With the DC Dems and particularly Obama et al, we have to watch our backs bcz the next cut they make may be to us....

The silence of the DC Dems is worrisome and scary, perhaps revealing. Maybe they'll be found by the MCMers next week when they're back in DC and will have something to say, but it seems they're just trying to avoid taking any kind of stand.