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Specter: Smells like teen spirit

The reaction at The Obama 527 Formerly Known as Daily Kos (427 recs):


And then, there's the adult view:

I hope this works out better than I expect, but 60 nominal Ds doesn't equal 60 votes. Specter's still free to be a dick in the Senate, and I expect the state Dem party to welcome him with open arms and push all challengers away from the primary. Though it does open the door for a non-insider candidate to run and perhaps have a more realistic chance than they would have otherwise.
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Submitted by gob on

I might not have to suffer the spectacle of Chris Matthews taking the nomination for that seat.

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Submitted by connecticut man1 on

but Tweety might be looking better compared Specter.

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Submitted by kerril on

It couldn't be said better, vastleft. I was (badly) trying to explain to my husband last night why this wouldn't necessarily be the good thing. I think I'll show him your magazine cover instead.

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with very little defense from Dems. Arlen Specter was the prosecutorial attack dog; Alan Simpson received information "over the transom"; and Orrin Hatch was the clean up hatchet man who also read passages from The Exorcist to denigrate Anita Hill's testimony.

From the NYTimes coverage:

In his questioning Saturday of Judge Clarence Thomas, Senator Simpson, Republican of Wyoming, said: "I really am getting stuff over the transom about Professor Hill. I've got letters hanging out of my pocket. I've got faxes. I've got statements from her former law professors, statements from people that know her, statements from Tulsa, Okla., saying, 'Watch out for this woman.' But nobody's got the guts to say that because it gets all tangled up in this sexual harassment crap."

Senator Simpson's press secretary, Stan Cannon, said the Senator would not make the correspondence public nor describe it more fully because "he would prefer to wait if Anita Hill comes back to ask her about it directly." The committee announced this evening that Professor Hill was expected to testify again on Monday.

Interviewed this morning on the NBC News program "Meet the Press," Mr. Simpson elaborated. He said he had received a letter on Saturday from a female lawyer in Tulsa, calling it "the most derogatory letter I have seen to date."

"I'm not going to use it," he said. "It's not sworn to. The woman said she would give an affidavit."

The Senator's staff said the letter had come from Mary Constance Matthies, a lawyer in private practice in Tulsa. Reached by telephone, she said she had indeed faxed a letter on Saturday to the majority and minority counsels of the Senate Judiciary Committee. 'For What It's Worth'

Ms. Matthies would not discuss the substance of her letter except to say it did not refer to Judge Thomas nor to sexual harassment. She said the information she had passed along was "third-hand to me, and I passed it on in the for-what-its-worth category."

Asked whether she thought Senator Simpson had described her letter properly, Ms. Matthies replied: "People make different interpretations of things. I don't want to call Senator Simpson a liar. I don't know what else he was referring to. It would not be the way I would characterize the letter."

Specter badgered Hill with specious claims that she had committed perjury and should be prosecuted. Coverage of this part of the nomination hearing entrenched "he said/she said" in MCM coverage, altho Time used "She Said, He Said."

God, it was so ugly. It was sickening. Those three senators still give me the creeps.

How many here recall watching those hearings? And how angry did it make you? I recall heated conversations about sexual harrassment at work and lots of men --and women-- who still "didn't get it."

The Dem senators were no knights in shining armor and it was said Teddy Kennedy was stymied in any defense bcz of Chappaquidddick.

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IIRC. Just as he chaired the hearing on the lead up to the Iraq vote. I was happy to see him nominated for VP if only to get him out of the Senate.

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Specter made no secret that he would be a Democrat in name only - so it's almost certainly a net negative if he continues to represent Pennsylvania instead of being knocked off by Toomey and giving a real Democrat a very good chance to represent what is now a Blue state in 2010. For the rest of this year, maybe there's a few positive bits. That is why I thought Sestak's response last night on the Ed Show was so good. He said that the Democratic Villagers opposed his candidacy for the House, and may do so if he decides to run for the Senate. He didn't care then and he won't care what they have promised Specter if he thinks he can do more good occupying the seat Specter currently holds. What's not to like about that?

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I would be happy if he decided to run. There needs to be a challenge to the current GOP-Dem corrupt power structure.

The question is: If a more liberal candidate throws their hat in the Dem Senate primary will the OFB support Specter or the more liberal candidate? That would be the true test of what Obama and the OFB are all about, challenging Specter from the left.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

According to Joe Cannon, at Cannofire there is only one post at Daily Kos about the fax campaign, and it's written by our very own hipparchia.

Single Payer is something anyone who calls hirself a liberal can get behind. But they aren't pushing it.

And that speaks volumes about their agenda, which is about Obama, not the American people.

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We have about a year before declarations have to be made and sides need to be taken regarding Specter's next campaign. I understand Sestak raised about half a million dollars in preparation for the run already (I'm a little foggy about what the period over which he raised that much was). While it's seed money size, it will be enough to finance the planning and organizing that precedes an announcement. So, he gets to prepare and watch, and raise a little more. If Specter does what he says he will do, there should be plenty of room and plenty of support for a run challenging Specter from the left. Especially if Specter not only opposes the Employee Free Choice Act but votes against cloture, union support for him will be tepid at best. Wait and see. Not being from Pennsylvania, all I get to do is cheer and maybe contribute a little (very little unless something fairly spectacular happens).