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Obama has signed the FAA Reauthorization Bill. The UAW, Steelworkers, Transportation Communications Union (IAM) and Teamsters along with at least 15 other major trade unions objected to the bill.

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein declares she would have vetoed the bill. She describes Obama’s approval of the anti-union changes to the Railway Labor Act as a “betrayal of working America."

What has this legislation set in motion? It erases long time protections of THOUSANDS of railroad and airline workers. The Democrats claim they “compromised” on the bill. Isn’t that rich once again? Taking care of the one percenters for the nth time. For one thing, the percentage of workers who must sign cards authorizing a union representation election is raised from 35% to 50%. It also helps employers delay union elections and collective bargaining, removes PRIVACY protections for union authorization cards so companies can identify and INTIMIDATE workers who might vote to unionize.

Stein sees this as a 180-degree flip-flop of Obama’s promise last March to veto any FAA Reauthorization Bill that contained anti-union provisions. Stein:

Why should anyone give their trust and vote to a President who breaks his word to the men and women who work every day—sometimes at the risk of their lives—to keep our nation’s transportation systems operating


The free trade agreements being promoted by the Obama Administration are already putting ever-increasing pressure on working America to make concessions regarding wages and benefits. For three decades, employers have pocketed the profits from increasing worker productivity, shortchanged workers on health benefits and pensions and are now bringing in two-tier wage systems in which younger workers are being paid a fraction of the wages paid to older employees. I’m running because working Americans deserve a President who will say ‘no!’ to legislative attacks on the right to organize.

Anthony Prince, a Chicago labor lawyer and Teamsters member is backing Dr. Stein:

President Obama won labor support in 2008 by saying he would advance the Employee Free Choice Act and other measures to help labor organizing. He dropped that ball. And he didn’t lift a finger to oppose the Right-To-Work law just passed in Indiana. Now this bill gets shoved down the throats of transportation workers. In my view, that’s why union members and all labor need to support someone we can trust, someone proven who’s not tied to the same corporations we go up against every day: Green Party Candidate Jill Stein, a real champion of working people.

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A whole, what, two days after the AFL-CIO endorsement? It's like they're shoving both middle fingers directly into the workers' faces as hard as possible. By "they" I mean both the government and the AFL bureaucrats.

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When I met Jill Stein this week I also was dazzled by this young twenty-something OWS woman who put me to shame if you measured our respective commitments to America and how far we each are prepared to go to repair this country and to spiritually honor our own self-respect.

We were talking about the new trespassing law and what it would mean to the protests. And she kept talking about the continuation of the OWS. And I interrupted her thinking she did not understand or I did not understand how now the ante was raised so for these young people who were on the protesting front lines in the OWS being arrested for felonies with long prison times and she looked me in the eye and said, "Well, so I go to prison for 10 years not 1 or whatever. If that is what it takes. That is what is happening internationally. People are fighting back with their lives to STOP THE HORROR. They have robbed me of a future!!!! I believe people will care if I end up in prison for 10 years for protesting the horror in this country." I am paraphrasing of course, toritto, but that was the essence of what she was saying and I sat there with my jaw-dropped down, because I was just about to advise her on how to protest being more cautious and she said with certainty, "THAT WON'T STOP US!"

Talk about a rebirth of the sons and daughters of liberty. Just being around this kind of courage or even bravado was INSPIRING!! I didn't have the confidence the vast majority of citizenry would care if she got thrown in prison for 10 years. This young woman, early 20s maybe, so pretty and smart and energetic and warm ... willing to listen. Not grim either but happy, a clear zest for life. Her big personal challenge and issue in particular was to stop the hydro-fracking and I have heard the thugs fighting those protesters play hardball. talk about spine, SPINE, toritto. It help me stiffen my own.

Charles Ferguson who has done those fantastic documentaries like Inside Job said on Tavis Smiley he thought the damage Obama had done to idealism in this country would wipe it out for a generation or two at the very least. (like after the tank man's performance in China, so many young there didn't even know about that thanks to censorship). People who worked so hard for Obama had been so burned.

This young woman told me, I think it was she, of how hard she had struggled and sacrificed in her life to get Obama president. And she had gone through her stages of grief over that and was back for action against him and all of the puppets in government and she had HOPE!!!! Not bitter, just resolved and proud and with a spiritual courage that took my breath away. I gotta start going to those OWS meetings downtown. I need the courage that is contagious from these AWESOME kids!!!!


I went to meet Dr. Jill Stein this week at a fund raiser, uber excited but also nervous that she couldn't possibly meet the expectations I have for her to come upon the horizon with and give us a STRONG ALTERNATIVE (IMPERATIVE) to our present capture by the oligarchs and corporatists. SHE WAS EVEN MORE IMPRESSIVE THAN MY IMAGINATION HAD DRAWN HER. She is smart, so very smart and articulate, excellent on her feet, if they let her near anyone to debate she could clean their collective clocks, Republican and especially Obama who is not a details man!!! She gets the forest AND the trees, and sees from both views how they are burning burning burning madly. She has a wonderful grace and openness, and as I watched her I marveled at what a great listener she is and also an intelligent and appreciative listener. Sensible and sensitive! Wow!!!!

When I finally got some one on one time I just started talking and talking and talking (oy vey, a bit overexcited i would say) instead of listening listening listening as I intended but she listened closely and appreciatively and kept commenting so intelligently and adding such wisdom and I was overjoyed.

And she was optimistic. She said it was her fifth time running for office. She had last run on Green ticket for Governor of Mass and did surprisingly well for a 3rd party candidate. She said she thought this would be a tough campaign, maybe grim, but the people she has met have inspired her so and she really seemed to have serenity and a spiritual radiance about it all. I know, principle above personality, but I gotta tell you I liked her personality and I sensed the character there, real principled character that seems beneath it.

And she is getting embraced beyond the Green party. I hope there will be a Green wave to the party because of her. As she was leaving later on there was a group of us stragglers standing around the fund raiser and she shook hands with each of us and thanked us and I said, "It was an honor to meet you." And I didn't even think she had heard that since she was saying goodbye to so many of us and people were saying stuff at the same time as me, and she began to turn and turned back and looked me and then the rest of us in the eyes and said, "No, it is MY honor!!!" And I just gulped and felt so grateful this strong and present and gracious woman now was leading the Green charge. To God's ear and the rest of America, let some HONEST political games begin!!!! LET MORALITY AND HUMANITY PREVAIL. Chomsky says she is there for PEACE, PEOPLE AND PLANET. I like that slogan!!!

I have to admit, when I told her I thought she should use the rubber tree plant song as her theme song, you know, "High Hopes" she didn't seem on board with that or to get me, but I'll forgive her. And maybe the younger generation I am hoping will help her out wouldn't appreciate that since that "A Hole in the Head" Sinatra movie was so long ago. Sigh. But I always liked the message of that song, or the message from The Little Train That Could story my great aunt used to read to me constantly (because I made her) when I was a toddler!

But I gotta tell ya, she was inspiring!!! And I will do all I can to push her name and her existence out there!!!

Dr. Jill Stein's people and Dr. Stein say there are so many Obama policies to take grave issue with, they have to keep choosing which to address, but they do it well. She laughed and said it is a gift that keeps on giving in a way, the ammunition his irrational and anti-humane and doomed policies are giving to those challenging him. Tragic, too!!! But she must not underestimate the capacity of the citizenry to ignore mountains of evidence!!!!

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Yes, it's too bad that this political system holds no chance in hell of a person like her actually winning.

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I wouldn't say that. She has a slim chance, but a chance nonetheless. It wasn't always Democrats versus Republicans. Nearly two centuries ago it was Democrats versus Whigs. When that party imploded and the Republicans rose to replace them, they were actually progressive by 19th century standards. My point is that the script has been flipped before and while the legacy parties will scratch and claw to maintain the currently duopoly, under our current system there is a chance - albeit a small one - that the two major players could change.

I'm looking forward to people telling me I'm throwing away my vote in November. The ready reply, "oh, so it's better to throw away my vote on the 'Democrat' who isn't doing what needs to be done and who isn't representing my interests?"

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She has no chance of winning. She is as likely to win as Gingrich or Paul.

However, I too look forward to "throwing my vote away" on her in November.

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But along with with DCBlogger, I think that 2016 is the year that matters anyhow in terms of outcomes. But how to you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice!

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The country needs and, unless I mistake its temper, the country demands bold, persistent experimentation. It is common sense to take a method and try it: If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something. The millions who are in want will not stand by silently forever while the things to satisfy their needs are within easy reach.

We need enthusiasm, imagination and the ability to face facts, even unpleasant ones, bravely. We need to correct, by drastic means if necessary, the faults in our economic system from which we now suffer. We need the courage of the young. Yours is not the task of making your way in the world, but the task of remaking the world which you will find before you. May every one of us be granted the courage, the faith and the vision to give the best that is in us to that remaking!

Impressionistically and not analytically:

I feel that the legacy parties are so rotten that nobody whose eyes are open would go near them. They're like a horror movie. Even if it's raining, kids, don't go in the haunted house! Somebody religious would call the legacy parties, and those behind them, demonic. We're all fighting TINA -- there is no alternative. So, we're creating a spectrum of alternatives. Alternatives like Stein's are flawed and imperfect in the same ways that all human enterprises are flawed (Occupy for that matter). The way to oppose them is to broaden the spectrum still more.