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Stellar lefty blogger is Alex Jones'ed (or Phil Donahue'd) ; Facebook may be driving the expanding censorship

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"WordPress Just Wiped Out American Everyman" @

One of the better lefty investigative bloggers I've read - and more often listened to on youtube - has had "11 years of my @#$W@#Q$ life deleted". His wordpress site has been "deleted", though at the end of the video announcing this, he quotes wordpress as saying that he can still grab his digital assets in the form of a backup.

Reminds me of Phil Donahue being fired before the Iraq invasion. This particular blogger had also posted on firedoglake.

He had previously had his youtube channel revoked - it's now churchdog42, but was previously either something like willyloman or americaneveryman.

Ironically, churchdog 42 had recently posted a video suggesting that the Alex Jones deplatforming is more of a smokescreen for deplatforming more serious alternative media sources. See "Why I Have to Support... (oh God, do I have to?)... Alex Jones" @

UPDATE: In "WordPress Just Wiped Out American Everyman UPDATE" @, churchdog42 quotes an article dated Aug 13 saying that a Facebook executive had threatened other media outlets to follow their lead, or else "die".

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