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The Stone Garden

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So I've finally given it a name, my garden. It will be the Gardens of Stone. Several reasons. 1) It rhymes with part of my name b) it refers to the poignantly horrific and beautiful reality of the imbalance of power between the wealth and the rich, the slaughter that creates, and the heroes who sacrifice everything to stop it iii) i would someday like to grow medicinal mj but don't because of b) and also i'm still waiting for the voter-approved reality of its legality to 'take' with our local law enforcement and D) it's my garden, and it has stones. Mom named the property, but like an Englishwoman I'm going to name my garden and beds. /toff/

Anyhoo, I was just thinking that it's really silly that I freely can grow poisons, love potions, hallucinogens, carcinogens, palliatives, 'superfoods,' and a host of other plants which when distilled and/or processed correctly will produce those effects on the human body, and more- but I can't grow pot. Or even hemp. It's so fucking stupid. And wow, Flickr went and made pic posting much harder for us year. So I'll be doing less on the blog and more sending you to the Flickr pages; which is what they want, I suppose. DSCF1893

...if you care in any way at all, check out , which is this blog/radio thing I do sometimes with Avedon, Susie, Jay and other cool people...

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I listened to the BTR podcast today too. Good stuff. You can be a bit of a spazz too, eh? :p Shoot me an email to dan (at) pruningshears (dot) us about PS comment.

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Just wanted to get that out there! Best to the Stone Garden, too!