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Stress test haiku

Via the Seattle PI:

The stress tests are done
Surprise -- many banks are fine
Now, go buy that bridge

I thought haiku was supposed to be seasonal. So what about those green shoots? Readers?

NOTE Via alert commenter TeresaInSnow2 at TL.

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Submitted by lambert on

Note the kigo, or seasonal reference!

spring rain on green shoots
tweakers rip out copper pipes--
bank-owned properties

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Submitted by Damon on

Scattered mayflowers
Columbia's hangover starts
Catch her when she falls

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Submitted by lizpolaris on

is not needed for bankster
who receives bonus.

Submitted by gob on

Groundhog, or bankster?
It really makes no difference -
Eats green shoots and leaves.

Grizzled great-uncle
Watches over his garden
Shotgun on his knees.

Submitted by lambert on

I just posted. Try the usual -- clear your cache. I had an upgrade done on one part of the system -- shouldn't have affected the site, but... Since we're dealing with a PC here...

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Submitted by carissa on

Can't see the contents of the side bars when I click on home, but can when I click on a post via my Google reader or via the side bar. But Home? Nada.

I just upgraded to IE8, but why can I see the contents of the sidebars when I'm in an individual post, but can't when I view the home page (which is also cut off at the bottom)?

Submitted by lambert on

I'm betting it's bad HTML, so I just did something to fix that, I hope. Please clear cache and restart browser, then let me know. Thanks!

Submitted by jawbone on

opening w/ these lines (:

From a Politico op-ed, written by a former Edwards speechwriter, on the need for a national figure to fight poverty, this incredible 60 Minutes segment from last year:

Nothing in side columns on front page. I can get to earlier posts by going into My Comments. I cleared browsing history and cookies; I don't want to lose history. Drat.

Where does your front page end? I can get in via Firefox, but that's kind of awkward having two browsers open....

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Submitted by carissa on

Pensive co-workers
Scan corporate email
For hints of good news